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Maximize Sales with a Freezer or Commercial Refrigerator

Consider these four ways to maximize sales with a freezer or commercial refrigerator. Apply visual marketing and branding when making your next freezer or commercial refrigerator merchandiser. Employ color to influence consumer choices. Ensure visibility with brightly lit interiors. 

Add Age Verification To Vending Machines With VAV Box

A European manufacturer has developed an age verification add-on module for vending machines worldwide.  The module makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age.   It also enables operators to expand 

Built Bar, A Healthy Vending Option That Will Sell!

Have you tested healthy snack options in your vending machine without much luck? Built Bars are going to be a game changer, as they are widely popular across the United States. With up to 19 grams of protein per bar, Built Bars taste like candy bars 

Saffron Road Single Serve Chickpea Snacks

With Saffron Road’s chickpea snacks, consumers now have a crunchy snack that’s also better for them as well because these chickpea snacks are made from organic chickpeas, an organic non-GMO source of protein.   Always Crunchy, Never Boring. With Saffron Road, their chickpea snacks

3 Reasons to Make Food Available as a Perk at Work Using Micro Markets

1. Positive Impacts  Even before the pandemic, a growing number of employers were tapping into the intrinsic value of making food available to employees in the workplace. A (Society of Human Resources Management) 2019 Employee Benefits Report notes that food and beverage 

How to Build a Vending Relationship with Customers That Works

Whether you are interested in adding industrial vending solutions for the first time or trying again, here’s how to build the right program for your customers. Not all vending programs and providers are the same. Time and again, we hear from distributors that their customers

Contactless ATM Market Overview For 2021-2025

2021 has been the year of contactless ATM transactions because of Covid-19 since most consumers who use ATM’s don’t want to physically touch an ATM to complete their transactions.  The demand for contactless ATMs has led ATM companies to adopt the use of biometrics solutions like facial recognition

Lee’s Summit Man Finds Purpose In Running Vending Machine Business

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Jonah Taylor’s family didn’t think twice about his ability to become an entrepreneur. And now, stickers with his business’s name, Jonah Vending, can be seen on vending machines around Lee’s Summit.

Mida Vending Machine Offers Pre-Cooked Or Frozen Meals

Do you have a great location that would be a perfect fit for a vending machine that can offer both pre-cooked meals? If so, why not consider a Mida Vending Machine?  Unlike some vending machines that only can deliver a frozen meal, Mida Vending machines can store up to 100 

The Power of Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service

Supercharge any enterprise WAN to drive applications, improve communications, and better serve customers. Get more than a self-monitoring platform with Ventus Managed Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). Applications: ATM Digital Signs Failover WAN IoT Kiosks OoBM With Ventus as the sole vendor providing

Vistar Media, Digital Media Ads Help Increase Sales

First-to-market solution provides outdoor media owners with programmatic and traditional ad scheduling capabilities in one platform. Vistar Media, the leading global provider of software for digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced the launch of unified ad serving. 

Vengo Wall Mount – Touchless High Tech

With fears of Covid-19 exposure driving vending operators to look at new touchless opportunities, Vengo Labs is deploying touchless retail technology across its network of 1,400 gym, school, retail and transit locations around the nation.   “We hear the needs of our clients


The EVA launched the year-long virtual industry platform during an event on 27 & 28 May.  Brussels, 31 May 2021 – The launch of the Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub attracted more than 1,000 registered attendees for the platform that will remain open

UpMeals And ShareWares – Partnership Will Bring Sustainable Vending To Vancouver, BC Area

Vancouver-based UpMeals, announced recently that they will be partnering with ShareWares, a company that produces reusable containers so that UpMeals can offer their meals to consumers in containers that can be washed, sanitized, and reused for other meals.

Byte Technology – A Vending Solution For Fresh Food

The demand for fresh meals is on the rise nationwide as more consumers want convenient access to fresh snacks, meals, and drinks 24-7-365.  How can operators offer their customers the fresh foods that they want without having to increase their labor costs and other expenses?

JuiceBot, A Robotic Fresh Juice Vending Machine

JuiceBot, the world’s first-ever robotic juice vending machine, keeps light and heat oxidation out, and freshness in for really amazing fresh juice ready at the push of a button. Serving 100% fruit and vegetable juices. No added preservatives or chemicals to extend shelf-life.

What is a Safe Micro Market?

With food and beverage supply and service, there’s already a standard of cleanliness and presentation that’s upheld. Safety and satisfaction go hand-in-hand for those in the industry of Micro Markets supplying food and beverages directly to consumers. Along with nearly everything else

Fastcorp Chooses Vendekin Controller for DIVI Machines

Fastcorp Vending’s next series of DIVI vending machines will incorporate an Intelligent Vending Machine Controller (IVMC) from Vendekin Technologies.  The DIVI vending machine uses robotic, vacuum and user interface technologies to deliver just about any

Coffee Distributing Corp

Coffee Distributing Corp is the New York Tri-State Area’s largest office refreshment service company. And they are still growing—expanding our product lines and broadening our service capabilities to ensure the complete satisfaction of our 20,000+ clients. 

The Cypress Advantage

Cypress Advantage brings over 40 years of ATM business development and financial services experience. Their executive team has built alliances and industry-leading tools and strategies to help you grow your ATM business. Volume Pricing: Leverage our size to get the best pricing in the industry

OTI Signs Distribution Agreement with Secure Retail

On Track Innovations Ltd. (OTI) (OTCQX: OTIVF), a global provider of near field communication (NFC) and contactless payment solutions, today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Secure Retail Ltd. for its payment solutions for the UK unattended market. Under the terms of the

Need Locations? Try VendLoco, The List Generator

VendLoco©, the vending location list generator to help you FIND NEW LOCATIONS for your Vending Machines, ATM machines, Amusement Machines, Micro Markets and Office Coffee Services! What is a vending location list generator? VendLoco, a strategically designed software program that data mines

Update Contactless Payment Systems With Microtronic US

Microtronic US Cashless Solutions is the leading provider of Contactless vending payment systems enabling those with outdated or “end-of-life” systems to seamlessly migrate to our state of the art payment system.  Using RFID MIFARE microchip technology with our MDB reader allows offline or

Avalanche Granola Bars Ride Micro Markets’ Growth

The expanding popularity of micro markets has given a boost to Avalanche Swiss Granola bars, which offer all natural, non-GMO ingredients packed in 2-ounce bags with whole grains, oats, dried fruit and sweet spices. “A lot of the bigger tech companies are really grasping on to this product

PowerMate LiftGate – The Convenient Way To Move Your Vending Machines

All vending operators have one thing in common, they have to move their vending machines in and out on locations.  For some operators, they may have employees that move those machines, while other operators will do it themselves. Thankfully, with the PowerMate LiftGate Series,

Get Your Cafection Machines Back Up & Running

Many people will go back to the office and realize their coffee machine probably needs some attention after sitting unattended for several weeks. Here are some tools to demonstrate how to restart a Cafection | Evoca coffee machine with the mindset of keeping things as simple as possible. 

Second Nature Snack Packs – Wholesome Trail Mix

More people like to snack these days than ever before but the big difference is that consumers who want to snack also want to snack healthy.  The good news is that there are plenty of healthy snacks on the market today to choose from, including Second Nature’s Snack Packs.

LAI Games Offers a New Pearl Fishery Model

Dallas, May 6, 2021 – LAI Games will soon offer a new two-player version of their hit pusher game, Pearl Fishery. The new offering has a footprint 2/3 the size of the original three-player version, making it a great choice for operators with limited space in their venues.

First Ever Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies -14 Month Shelf Life Without Preservatives!

Bart & Judy’s Bakery, Los Angeles, is transforming the snack marketplace with the first ever Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies with a 14-month shelf-life WITHOUT preservatives! Until now, chocolate chip cookies available to vending contained palm oil

Avanti Markets Introduces New Kiosk Option

New Auxiliary Kiosk provides more flexibility for market operators and host locations. Renton, WA-May 6, 2021: Avanti Markets recently announced a new kiosk option for its micro market Operators. The new Auxiliary Kiosk with a 15” monitor adds flexibility to a market operator’s portfolio of tech

KAL, A World Leader In ATM Software

Are you searching for more information about ATM software? ATM software is something that every ATM owner has to know more about because there’s going to come a time for every owner when they have to update the software on their ATM and the question is which software company should they 

Are Your Vending Machines On 5G?

5G has been gradually rolling out nationwide since April of 2019 and this means only one thing, we’re getting close to more 3G and 4G networks being shut down as 5G becomes the new standard across the United States.  What exactly is 5G? It stands for the fifth generation


NEED VENDING MACHINES FOR YOUR BUSINESS? If you’re running a business and looking for ways to make your staff and customers feel appreciated, getting vending machines is the perfect amenity. But how do you get one?  Post your Business Location here to have vending service companies


Dallas, April 28, 2021 – Leading game manufacturer LAI Games has reinvented its classic arcade basketball hit, Slam ‘n’ Jam, in a brand-new format for 2021. The game features a vibrant 32-inch HDTV backboard that augments game play with a progress meter and score, along with game timer and

The Visionary Micro Market – Expanding into a Broader Space

By Julian Attree, CEO for Minus Forty  What kind of technologies will give us an augmented micro market experience? The micro market industry is growing at a fast pace. Increasingly, we are seeing traditional closed vending expand its footprint into more

Grasshopper Pay™ Kiosks

Grasshopper Pay™ is a secure, compliant self-service payment solution that enables customers to efficiently shop, order and pay. Once a transaction is complete, the order can be picked up from a Grasshopper Kiosk™ or the dispensary customer counter.


Nayax has announced an exciting incentive program aimed at encouraging unattended retail operators to embrace Monyx Wallet. Monyx Wallet is Nayax’s popular consumer engagement and digital payment platform. The three-month campaign, which began on 1 April, will reward the operator for each app

USAT’s New Corporate Identity, Cantaloupe, Inc.

New Corporate Identity Includes Ticker Change to “CTLP” Company to Celebrate New Corporate Identity with Ringing of Closing Bell at Nasdaq MALVERN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–USA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: USAT), today announced its official name change to Cantaloupe, Inc. 

Types of Vending Machines

Vending machines are a great way to keep customers and employees happy while generating revenue. The following vending machines offer diversity for the workforce environment. We would like to help you decide on what type of machines to get for your specific locations. 

FUN Bulk Vending Machine, Mootie’s Critters

Innovative Vending Concepts and Designs LLC has created a fun bulk vending machine called Mootie’s Critters. It is offered in a 4 Select style. What makes these machines extra special is the fact that the company actually comes to you in person, to help you with training and finding new locations

Prism Visual Software’s Small Business Inventory System

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software company with a great and rich history. For years from the day of foundation, our company has been developing software solutions for small, middle, and large businesses performing equipment service, delivery, route sales, and different field services.

Kahuna Helps ATM Businesses & Start-Ups

Kahuna ATM Solutions is dedicated to serving the needs of ATM Distributors, ATM Operators, and ATM Portfolio Managers. Kahuna works with businesses in the ATM industry to achieve more profitability. They also partner with their clients to help them achieve success and save money. 

The Greenbox Robotics CBD Vending Machine

The Greenbox Robotics Vending Machine is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet deep, offers the space and capacity to sell CBD products in almost any space. Besides being convenient for the operator, the Greenbox vending machine offers everything that a vending operator could want 

Azkoyen Intros Vitro X1 MIA

Announcing the Azkoyen Vitro X1 MIA automatic coffee machine. This compact, and elegantly styled coffee machine, is more than just a machine that brews coffee, it offers a user ‘experience’ because it also includes a fresh milk system that enables users to make the same quality coffees that

Photo-Me, Photo Booth Kiosks

In 2021, most people carry with them a camera in their pockets which gives them the ability to take both pictures and videos but even though we have this convenience, there still is a need and demand for physical photos like there was 50 years ago.  

GetRetailTech Warehouse Management System

GetRetailTech is efficient software that can increase your profit in ways you can only imagine, cut your management costs and increase sales. This Cloud Warehouse Management System can help you scale up at low costs, even more so in tough business environment. 

CBD Vending Machines, Hemp Product Vending Kiosks

CBD VENDING MACHINES! CBD VENDING KIOSKS! CBD (HEMP Product) vending machine suppliers listed here. Please contact these CBD vending suppliers direct for more information about their vending machine details & pricing. 

U-Select-It Intros UVC Light Sanitization Technology

With ability to kill or inactivate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, UVend Technology provides employees and customers with a safer way to enjoy the convenience of on-site snacks and beverages. DES MOINES, IOWA – April, 2021 – U-Select-It, a leading global vending solutions provider,

Aura Bora Makes a Splash in Sparkling Water Market

SAN FRANCISCO — The sparkling water category has experienced explosive growth in recent years as consumers seek healthier alternatives to traditional soft drinks. But about two years ago, Paul Voge and his wife, Madeleine, noticed a gap in the market for premium options featuring elevated flavor

Easter Egg Vending Machine?

Yes, Digital Media Vending International, LLC,  has done it again, by creating another innovative smart vending machine idea. They made an Easter Egg Vending Machine dispense free Easter Eggs for their employee’s kids. Do You Have Smart Vending Machine Ideas?

LAI Games HYPERpitch Ready for Opening Day

Dallas, April 1, 2021 – Premiere manufacturer LAI Games announces that its baseball-themed HYPERpitch is in stock and available in time for Opening Day. As the excitement mounts for Major League Baseball, players will want to challenge their friends to a baseball-themed pitching contest.

Capital Provisions Announces Two San Diego Acquisitions

San Diego, CA, March 31, 2021 – Capital Provisions, a full-service vending operator and food service provider based in Southern California, today announced that it has completed the acquisitions of San Diego Healthy Vending and Diamond Vending. 

Byte Technology for Vending and OCS

Byte Technology unattended kiosks are purposely built to unlock the multi billion dollar opportunity of food service to smaller offices. Serve locations of any size, sell an array of fresh product, and maximize the revenue potential of your existing locations. Clients are demanding healthier,

Vendron Offers Hardware Solutions For The Automated Retail Market

Silkron offers Vendron solutions, every operator now has the ability to have a smart vending machine because they can easily and conveniently upgrade their machines to meet their customers requirements. Vendron Devices are a series of embedded computing hardware that bundled with Vendron’s

Sahukeen, The First Automatic Paan Dispensing Machine

Shaukeen, The Complete Paan Shop has set up the first of its kind, Automatic Paan Dispensing Machine in Pune, Maharashtra.  Mr. Sharad More, Founder of Shaukeen, wanted to give consumers an experience that no one has had before, to cater to the urge of having paan 24×7

UVend Technology Kills 99.9% Of Viruses And Makes Vending Machines Safer

In 2021, consumers still want their vending machines to be fast and convenient, but they also want vending machines to be safe to use, without any risk of transmitting viruses. just announced their new light sanitization UVend technology, consumers can now use


Nayax, the leading cashless payment provider, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Tigapo, the leading cloud-based management and monetization system for amusement locations, to expand Nayax’s cashless payment and consumer engagement platforms. Nayax will implement Tigapo’s 

VendCentral Launches ZippyAssist

Digital marketing agency, VendCentral,​ has announced the launch of its innovative new customer service tool, ZippyAssist.  ZippyAssist is a cloud-based, customer service platform accessed via a simple text message. 

Food and Beverage Vending Machine Market, Impressive Growth Forecast For 2025

The innovation of food and beverage vending machines promises for a higher quality of food and beverage, growing customer interaction, improved cashless payment acceptance as well as more strong-growing competition with foodservice. The rising retail industry together with the growing requirement

Pepperidge Farm Releases New Thin & Crispy Butter Pecan Cookie

Pepperidge Farm has a long tradition of creating delicious cookies and snacks since the 1930’s, so it’s no surprise that the latest edition to their line of successful cookies, Thin & Crispy Butter Pecan, has been a huge success with cookie fans around the world. 


With over 100 participants, EVA’s webinar on 15 March saw the official launch of its manifesto which introduced the industry, its challenges, and its calls for action for the current parliamentary term.   The event heard from a diverse group of high-level stakeholders

Intelligent Vending Machine Market Expected to Reach $39.69 billion by 2026

According to TMR, the Global Intelligent Vending Machines is accounted for $9.90 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $39.69 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 16.6% during the forecast period. Increased government regulations, increased user interactivity, adoption of computing

Move Over Coffee! Woke Up! Herbal Energy Shot Is Here

A new herbal energy shot company called Woke Up! Energy Shot based in Tampa, FL has launched distribution for nationwide retail, vending, and online sales including Amazon after 5 years in development.   Created by CEO Dilan Jay, the all natural caffeine shot boasts zero sugar,

How to Start a Vending Machine Business Ebooks

Jumpstart your vending business by learning from the best. What type of vending business would you like to start? The following vending ebooks are the best information on the market today, on how to start your new vending machine company business. READ THIS: Why a Vending Machine Could Be Your Next Big Idea


Nayax, the leading cashless payment provider for merchants and unattended retail is excited to announce the launching of their new ecommerce capabilities. The Nayax shop, found at, will allow new and existing customers to directly purchase Nayax devices and accessories

Veteran Equipment Distributor Unfazed by Today’s Challenges 

Louis Kershbaumer’s experience, before and after his 60 years in vending has taught him to stay positive despite the recession. Louis Kershbaumer has been a number of things in his life. He’s been a photographer, a navy man, a vending machine salesman, and president of a division of the Witt

SnackDot Payment App Allows Operators To Offer Micro Markets With Little Overhead 

SnackDot, a vending services provider in San Antonio, Texas, has created software that allows refreshment service operators to provide micro markets with considerably less investment than other micro markets. No proprietary hardware is needed. Operators pay a low monthly fee.

Aquavida Offers Cashless Water Vending Machines

Thanks to the growing demand for clean water, the use of water vending machines is on the rise nationwide and Aquavida is helping meet the demand for fresh water, while also making it possible for operators to break into the water vending business.  In 2021, the need for clean water

Industrial Vending Machine Market To Reach $4.37 Billion By 2026

According to Trends Market Research, the Global Industrial Vending Machine Market is accounted for $1.89 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $4.37 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period. Increasing product usage in many small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Classic Delight Sandwiches, Yum!

What a variety of great tasting sandwiches! Classic Delight, Inc. makes Subs, Classic Sandwiches and even Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches! Classic Delight produces sandwiches and wrapped goods for a variety of purposes, including vending machines, micro markets, grocery stores and convenience stores

Vendekin And Instor India Partner To Produce Sanitizer Vending Machine

Vendekin Technologies, a Pune-based company has introduced its smart vending technology to dispense hand sanitizers and other hygiene products through vending machines with minimal contact. Vendekin pioneers in intelligent vending technology and has partnered with Instor India,

High Tech Micro Bakeries Offering Artisan Vending Food

Bake Xpress Robotic Micro-Bakeries: The High-Technology Future of Food Vending. Bake Xpress micro-bakeries by Le Bread Xpress are the only vending solution on the market to offer a wide menu of artisan food fresh-baked to order including sweet pastries and savory meals like calzones, sandwiches a

Gauardian Refresh Vending Management Company

All breakroom services in one, Guardian Refresh Management Company offers national refreshment solutions and expertise to your locations’ breakrooms, bringing you a National Network of Local Service providers. Whatever your location needs, Guardian Management Services can make it hap

Den’s Hot Dogs Introduces Den’s Meals

BROOKLYN, NY (March 2, 2021) – Den’s Hot Dogs LLC‘s new line of premium ready to heat and eat frozen meals, captures the growing trend of effortless at-home dining and increased demand for premium pre-cooked meal kits, sandwiches, and other comfort foods.

Duck Nuts Intros Single Serve Package

Duck Nuts introduces their new single serve package. Made with Matt Deighton’s well-known ‘Duck Salt’, an MSG-free seasoning that’s a combination of flavors and spices, Duck Nuts are a win-win snack food because these nuts are a low sodium snack that will satisfy the

Grand Strand Sandwich Co. Finds A Niche Offering Fresh Sandwiches For Vending And Micro Markets

The economics of producing fresh food for vending machines has become challenging over the years, but fresh sandwiches nevertheless remain popular with customers. Hence, companies such as Grand Strand Sandwich Co. in Long, S.C. that provide fresh sandwiches play an important role in the markets

NXT Water Introduces Fitness Water With CBD

NXT Water, makers of Akeso functional fitness water, combines cannabidiol (CBD) oil and water and creates a colorless, odorless, clean tasting beverage. The water comes in 16.9-ounce bottles and contains CBD, which is derived from the hemp plant and has been associated with a number of health

Capital Provisions Acquires Luxury Vending

San Diego, CA, February 26, 2021 – Capital Provisions, a full-service vending operator based in Southern California, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Luxury Vending. The purchase is the fourth acquisition completed by Capital Provisions in San Diego and delivers a wide-range

Vending Operators Can Now Offer Online Ordering And Snack Delivery

Vending machines have been a part of office breakrooms for decades, but breakrooms are changing as most businesses are switching from just having vending machines to having foods and beverages delivered.  Now instead of having just vending machines, many companies are opting for


Cliff Whitehead has joined OCS Brands as Vice-President of Sales for North America. Cliff retired from Flowers Foods / Mrs. Freshley’s in 2020 after 37 years of service in the Convenience Services channel and soon found that he wasn’t finished building relationships in the channel.

InHand Go Offers Smart Vending Solution Geared For Today’s Mobile Consumers

The InHand Go smart vending solution from InHand Networks in Fairfax, Va. is designed to bring vending machines into the mobile era. The solution enables touchscreen user interface, interactive marketing, cashless and mobile payments and cloud-based vending management.

VICKI Smart Stores

Nurses and healthcare workers across the United States (and worldwide) have been on the frontlines fighting Covid-19 for the last 12 months so it makes sense for hospitals and healthcare sites to do everything possible to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses.

AutoCrib – Industrial Vending Solutions

Are you searching for the right industrial vending solution for your company? If so, AutoCrib® has the right solutions that your business needs.   They offer industrial vending machines that can assist you with increasing your company productivity while improving inventory management 

Life In Green – Ecological Cups and Lids

Are you searching for biodegradable and compostable cups, lids, and accessories for your micro-market or office coffee business? If so, consider buying the foodservice products that you need for your business from Life In Green.  Since its founding in 2009, the Canada-based

Anderson Dolly Makes Moving Simple For Vending Operators

Let’s face it, moving a vending machine can be one of the most time-consuming and difficult tasks for a vending operator.  Thanks to Anderson Dolly, vending operators can now have an easy solution for moving their vending machines. Anderson dolly’s are designed for moving up to 16

Mida Vending Machine Offers Pre-Cooked Or Frozen Meals

Do you have a great location that would be a perfect fit for a vending machine that can offer both pre-cooked meals? If so, why not consider a Mida Vending Machine?  Unlike some vending machines that only can deliver a frozen meal, Mida Vending machines can store up to 100 

Top 10 Most Popular Vending Snacks In USA

Ahh snacking; it’s something that we all enjoy doing, especially in the United States, since snacking has actually increased in the last 12 months.  The big question is what are the most popular snacks for vending and micro markets?

Yo-Kai Express Vending Machine Offers Gourmet Ramen Noodles In 45 Seconds

Yo-Kai Express has developed a vending machine which delivers ramen noodles in a hot bowl in 45 seconds.  Machines are currently being placed in corporate and public locations around San Francisco.  Created five years ago by Andy Lin, a Silicon Valley–based electrical engineer who was

Keurig Commercial Unveils Touchless Brewing System

Coffee will always be the top beverage that’s consumed in most offices in the United States, but since the start of the pandemic, many Americans have modified how they consume coffee in the office.  Capitalizing on new consumption trends, Keurig Commercial is unveiling a touchless 

Featuring: Perfection Vending, Inc.

Perfection Vending, Inc. is a family owned business since 1988, based out of Riverview, Michigan.  Owned and Operated by Jim Thomas and family. Their claim-to-popularity is the flexibility to actually customize a vending type of program for any office and breakroom needs throughout Wayne County, Michigan.

Sealed Meals – Fresh Microwavable Meals

Sealed Meals Stay Fresh In The Fridge For Up To 45 Days! With more consumers eating meals on the go, few people are eating fresh meals. They are instead consuming foods that are high in fats, calories and preservatives.  With Sealed Meals, the on-the-go

Top 7 Energy Drinks For 2021

Are you searching for more information on the best energy drinks to carry in your micro market or vending machines in 2021?  In this article, we will break down the best energy drinks for 2021 and offer you insight into which ones you should consider offering to your customers. 

Do I Need an LLC for a Vending Machine Business?

Setting up a vending machine business isn’t as easy as sitting a machine somewhere and calling it a day. There are business licenses to consider, and one question tends to come up frequently: Do you need to make your vending machine business an LLC? Let’s take a closer look at this issue. 

Vendors for Veterans, A Vending Charity

Mike Ives is a former U.S. Marine on a mission… The mission is to improve the lives of U.S. Military Veterans in need through ‘Charity Vending’. He accomplishes this through his tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit charity ‘ Vendors For Veterans’ and it’s ‘Help A Hero’ outreach program

Parlevel Releases Cater Checkout Solution for Campus & Restaurant Food Providers

San Antonio, Tx, February, 2021 – Parlevel has released Cater – a checkout solution that enables campus and restaurant food providers to create a convenient ordering experience for their customers. Cater consists of a self-checkout kiosk for easy ordering, a mobile app for purchasing


Nayax, the leading cashless payment provider for merchants and unattended retail is proud to announce that NIVO, the UK’s largest business support group for Independent Vending Operators in the UK, has awarded Nayax (UK) Ltd the title of ‘Highly Commended’ in the category ‘Best Service

LAI Games to Make Big Virtual Rabbids Announcement at ShowUp

Dallas, January 28, 2021 – In case you need one more reason to “show up” to the ShowUp virtual trade show for FECs next week, founding sponsor LAI Games will share big news on their top-earning unattended VR attraction, Virtual Rabbids. To be the first to hear the announcement

Benefits of Starting a Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are highly flexible and convenient for new business entrepreneurs. Offering a range of options for what you sell and where you sell it. Maintenance costs and upkeep are minimum, and a single vending machine can bring in hundreds of dollars each month, when on a high traffic 

iClean Dog Wash, Experience Dog Wellness

The iClean Dog Wash Classic is an offspring of the original Dog Wash, of which hundreds are already operating worldwide. iClean International has improved and redesigned the original Dog Wash and updated it with car wash-quality components and an 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size) with a lot of extra

The 2021 ACE Show Oct 14-16

The annual Atlantic Coast Exposition will be holding the 2021 edition Oct. 14-16 at the Embassy Suites Kingston Plantation in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The theme is “Rock of ACEs”. Early-bird booth registration (and special pricing) for exhibitors is available till Feb. 28;

Moving Equipment Suppliers for Vending Machines

MOVING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS to help you move your vending machines and heavy items. Hydraulic lifts, fork lifts, tail gates, hand dollies, stair climbers and more! Please contact the moving equipment supply companies direct that are listed below.

Air Vending Machines, Air Pumps, Air Vacuums

Air Vending Machine Suppliers! Air vending machines and coin operated vacuum service machines. Please contact these air and vacuum vending machine suppliers direct for equipment details and pricing.

Meet Anna, The CBD Vending Machine

anna is the first AI-powered self-checkout solution designed to meet the specific needs of cannabis retailers. Headquartered in Boston with offices in Boulder, Colorado, anna cracks the code for bringing today’s advancements in retail automation to the dispensary floor, while delivering a

Keep Your Skills Sharp with Virtual BTU

Betson is offering a virtual version of our popular Betson Technical University class as an online webinar. About this Event This virtual BTU class will cover various topics over the 2 hour course : electricity, wiring, cranes, machine troubleshooting, computers, preventive maintenance and more.

Hometown Vending Uses a VMS Vending Route Software System

Hometown Vending decided to upgrade operations by implementing a VMS vending route software system in early 2014.   Using a vending management software system helps vending companies run day-to-day operations both in the office and at customer locations.  Hometown Vending decided to take the leap

Connected Vending Machine Trends

The very first coin-operated vending machine was introduced in London, England in the early 1880s. Since then, innovation has pushed IoT connected vending machines to new heights. From cashless payments to innovative delivery methods, the vending industry is continuing to innovate.

NAMA Announces Virtual Winter Success Series

ARLINGTON, VA — January 11, 2021 — Over 600 viewers found a wealth of valuable, actionable information at NAMA’s Fall Festival of Knowledge education series. They explored subjects covering the vending, micro-market, office coffee and pantry service channels. Operators came away with practical

Coronavirus Tests Are Now Available At California University

Employees and students at the University of California San Diego now have an easy way to take a Coronavirus test because the University has begun distributing Coronavirus self-tests, via vending machines, at eleven locations across the University campus.  Choosing vending machines to distribute

Covid Spurs Growth in Hot Food Vending

Hot Food Vending Machines are on the rise. These smart vending machines are vending hot food products such as; Bread, Hamburgers, Pizza, and even Gourmet Meals! With Covid-19 forcing closures and/or limiting hours of traditional hot food eateries, the hot food vending machines are stepping in and

LAI Games Unveils 2021 New Product Showcase

Dallas, January 13, 2021 – Premiere manufacturer LAI Games has announced a virtual event to unveil their newest games for 2021. The New Product Showcase will take place March 18th, 2021, and will include new game presentations, current, in-depth reports on their top performing products,


Nayax, the leading cashless payment provider for self-service, automated machines, is pleased to announce they are now partnered with M.M. Hayes Company, Inc. and fully integrated into the MM Hayes Quickcharge cashless payment platform. This relationship will provide MM Hayes’s customers the

Avanti Markets Announces 2020 Operator Awards

Avanti Markets recognized seven (7) organizations for their outstanding performance and accomplishments in 2020. Renton, WA- January 12, 2021: Avanti Markets recently announced the recipients of their annual awards honoring operator success throughout the year. As a platform built by an operator,

Smart Vending Machine Solutions For Product Delivery 

Since Covid-19, vending machine technology was rapidly advancing and providing consumers with more options than ever before including touchless screens and multiple cashless payment options.  Thanks to Digital Vending International, LLC,  vending businesses have been able to reach more customers

TriTeq Leverages Micro Market Cooler and Freezer Security with Payment and Remote Management Options

As part of the company’s initiative to keep existing refrigeration relevant with the latest in micro market innovations, TriTeq Lock & Security is expanding its portfolio of health locks and monitoring software to include payment options and remote management.     Bill Denison,

Two Well Known Industry Experts Combine for the Benefit of Operators

Two often recommended and highly experienced representatives of our industry, have joined forces to help operators navigate the difficult and challenging environment we all currently face.  Marc Rosset and Chuck Treister have now partnered with a goal of helping refreshment services operators

Featuring Oklahoma City’s K&K Vending, Family Owned

K&K Vending is truly a family business. It’s very name symbolizes the most precious part of our family, our two daughters Kenzie and Kira. In 2012 when we first thought about starting a vending company in the OKC area we wanted to highlight our strong sense of family and the values that family


NAYAX CCI PROTOCOL SUPPORT ENABLES THE USE OF NAYAX’S CASHLESS PAYMENT READERS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR MDB CONVERTERS. Nayax, a leading cashless solution provider, is excited to announce our support of the CCI communication protocol, version 3.5 for the OCS (Office Coffee Services) industry.


Five Star Food Service Expands service into Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Canteen’s largest franchise, Five Star Food Service, announced the acquisition of the highly regarded Owensboro-based franchise group, comprised of four operating companies including a coffee roaster and distributor.

Voting Open for the Fourth Annual TWIPY Pinball Awards

Indianapolis, IN — This Week in Pinball is excited to announce the fourth annual TWIPY Pinball Awards will be taking place again this March! The TWIPYs are an annual celebration of the pinball hobby, where the public votes for their favorite features from pinball machines released in 2020

How Will 5G Service Affect Vending Operators? 

Even though operators may be satisfied with existing 3G and 4G wireless technology, RCN Technologies cautions that those older technologies are being phased out in favor of 5G and operators should be aware of how that change will affect their businesses.  According to RCN, vending operators

OPEN24 MARKETS, Automated Convenience Stores

Now SFSU students can enjoy the convenience of an OPEN24 MARKET with the new installation of this automated convenience store for their campus. Also, Open24 is now partnering with Enterprise Leasing Solutions for financing and leasing at market competitive rates for terms up to 60 months OAC.

Check Out The Modular Prize Hub

The Modular Prize Hub offers flexibility in prize variety and capacity. Expand its potential even more by adding up to two each of the Capsule, Spindle and Locker Hubs! Players use the intuitive 22” touch-screen to shop and claim prizes while operators benefit from the user-friendly menus.

Barbara Russell NAMA’s 2020 Coffee Legend of the Year

Congratulations to Barbara Russell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Holiday House Distributing, NAMA’s 2020 Coffee Legend of Year! Please join us in celebrating Barbara for her achievements and exceptional contributions to the coffee services industry and her community.

Crystal Display System Announces New Animated Video

Rochester, Kent] Crystal Display Systems LTD today announced the release of their new animated video which shows a “behind the framework” scenes of their example custom designed ruggedised monitor, using a real-life example from a 2019 project. CDS believe that every engineer should have the

Dexter Self-Service Laundry Equipment

Dexter Laundry is well know for it’s self-service Laundry Equipment for over 125 years. They are committed to building a full line of washers, dryers, and management systems you can trust. Every Dexter product is made in the USA and backed by lifetime technical support and industry-leading war

SnackNation Is Now Caroo

SnackNation Is Now Caroo, the Employee Care and Gifting Platform for the Flexible Enterprise. New Caroo Concierge Helps Companies Create One-of-a-kind Premium Product Collections to Keep Teams Inspired and Connected. SnackNation evolves beyond snacks and unveils its new brand – Caroo, the world

Betson Offers No-interest Financing on #1 Redemption Game Pearl Fishery

Dallas, December 21, 2020 – LAI Games announces that Betson Financial Services is offering fantastic financing on their hit redemption game, Pearl Fishery. For a limited time, qualified buyers can finance Pearl Fishery with 0% interest for 18 months. Pearl Fishery blends the classic appeal of a


December 21, 2020, Shanghai, China – Nayax, the cashless solution provider for unattended retail and self-serve markets, is proud to announce that PromptPay, WeChat Pay and Alipay transactions are now available, and can be enabled upon request, on any VPOS Touch, Onyx or VPOS Fusion device in

The Photo Booth Experience

Apple Industries, Inc. – Apple Industries is and has been a family-run business for more than 30 years. Apple Industries manufactures, markets and sells the award-winning line of Face Place digital photo booths. Print Budii is the new Apple Industries division dedicated to digital photos

Card Concepts Helps Managing Your Laundromat Easier

Card Concepts, Inc. (CCI) combines their experience in the laundry industry with in-depth knowledge of the latest payment trends and technologies to bring you tools that make managing your laundromat or laundry room easier. Family owned and operated, Card Concepts, Inc. was born from over 40 years

Blendid Robotic Kiosks Revolutionize Automated Retail

As a young man, Vipin Jain, now the CEO and co-founder of Blendid, was fascinated by a piece of equipment on Star Trek called a replicator. In this futuristic piece of fiction, you could make food from energy without other ingredients. It was a pretty quick way to cook and, of course, no need to

Off The Eaten Path Snacks – 100% Natural, Vegetable Crisps & Puffs 

Are you searching for an all-natural snack to offer your customers? If so, you should consider Off The Eaten Path’s 100% natural veggie crisps and puffs.  These delicious snacks are ideal because they don’t contain any artificial ingredients, taste great, and they only have 160 calories per

Nayax Webinar Will Discuss Next Stage of Unattended Retail

A webinar to help operators plan for the next phase of managing unattended retail from any location will be hosted on Wednesday, January 13th, at 1 p.m. Eastern time, by Nayax.  The webinar will discuss the Nayax mobile management application, MoMa, which utilizes the company’s back-office

G&A 2020 Ended Successfully, AAA 2021 Is on Its Way!

Greetings from the Organizing Committee of AAA and G&A expos, writing to keep you updated with our event’s latest development in November!    During Nov. 28th-30th, the 13th Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair (G&A) was successfully held, covering 60,000 sq.m

How PopCom’s Kiosks Are Revolutionizing Retail 

2020 has been a tough year for retail businesses across the United States due to Covid-19.  PopCom, a Columbus, Ohio-based software and retail kiosk developer, is revolutionizing retail by allowing businesses to vend product 24-7 from any busy location, as long as the product that it sell

1sourcevend Adds Check-In/Check-Out as Standard Feature for Locker Vending Machines

The feature is powered by 1sourcevend’s powerful cloud-based inventory-control software MEMPHIS, Tenn. – 1sourcevend, in response to customer requests, has added check-in/check-out capabilities to its Automated Vending Manager locker vending machines, allowing for better inventory control of

Univest Offers No Payments Until May on #1 Redemption Game Pearl Fishery

Dallas, December 10, 2020 – LAI Games announces a financing program through Univest Capital, Inc. on their hit redemption game, Pearl Fishery. For a limited time, qualified buyers can finance Pearl Fishery at 7.99% APR (single unit) or 5.99% APR (two or more units) for 36-60 months, with no payment


Automated Retail News; Automated Retail Merchandising, Contactless Kiosks, Touchless Vending, Unattended Retail, these phrases are all the newest buzz words in the vending industry. It is the vending industry’s way of adapting and evolving to the needs of the people, especially during the Covid-19

hubz Announces New Smart Cooler, The Next Stage of Unattended Retail

San Antonio, Tx, December, 2020 – hubz, a product line specializing in smart, unattended retail points of sale, announced its new hubz cooler – helping operators embrace the next step of unattended retail solutions. The hubz cooler offers a secure way to help operators sell any product,

NAMA Show and Coffee Tea & Water Together Aug 2021

For the first time, The NAMA Show and Coffee Tea & Water will co-exist side-by-side to deliver a one-of-a-kind collaboration benefiting operators and professionals in all segments of the convenience services industry. This safely designed, one-stop experience will deliver a rewarding and

Vending On Track Connectivity Platform For Unattended Equipment

Sydney, Australia Dec 3 2020 – Vending on Track Pty Ltd, a leading unattended retail technology provider in Australia, is proud to announce the release of its Connectivity-as-a-Service product – Connectivity Platform. This product empowers third parties the ability to integrate vending

IQBAR – Clean, Keto Friendly, Plant-Based Protein Bar 

Healthy snacks can difficult to find these days because most snacks have sugar, gluten, or other man–made ingredients in them.  With IQBAR, people who look forward to their daily snack can eat something free of ingredients like soy and sugar while also having confidence that they are

NuMind Solutions Now Builds Custom Vending Routes for New Entrepreneurs

NuMind Solutions, the industry leader for building custom ATM routes in USA, announced they are now offering new entrepreneurs help to build their new VENDING BUSINESS, by creating a custom route of vending machines in a city or in specific areas. NuMind Solutions benefits the novice business Announces Exclusive Agreement with Neofuns Amusement

Midvale, UT (December 1, 2020) –, a leading MFG and distributor of vending machines and supplies, announced today that they signed an agreement with Neofuns Amusement, a major manufacturer of crane and claw machines, to be the exclusive distributor for the 13-inch Super Mini Crane Claw Machine

LAI Games’ Award-winning HYPERpitch Heads to Japan

Dallas, December 1, 2020 – LAI Games baseball themed redemption game HYPERpitch continues to be installed in premiere locations throughout the globe. Following its rollout to all US locations earlier this year, Round 1 Japan has also installed the game in all stores, with a total of 60 HYPERpitch

Capital Provisions Acquires Boost Micro Markets

Los Angeles, CA, December 8, 2020 – Capital Provisions, a full-service vending operator based in Los Angeles, CA, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Boost Micro Markets. The purchase is the second acquisition completed by Capital Provisions in San Diego and delivers

Package Concierge- Fast, Frictionless Order Fulfillment

Do you want to offer your customers a fast and easy way for them to pick up products that they’ve ordered from your website or inside the store? Package Concierge is an excellent solution for fast and frictionless order fulfillment.  In an era where most people want to avoid touching

Add Age Verification To Vending Machines With VAV Box

A European manufacturer has developed an age verification add-on module for vending machines.  The module makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age.   It also enables operators to expand into sales

Airsled Adds Variable Speed Option To Its Vending Moving System

Acting on input from vending operators and other customers, Airsled has added a variable speed option to its air dolly moving systems.  The company says the variable speed option makes it easier for operators to maneuver machines into and out of tighter spaces which are becoming more common

Nolan Loves Deal Or No Deal

Nolan Kertis is an autistic 17-year-old who loves playing the arcade game Deal or No Deal. His love affair with the game began when he was four years old and first played it at a local Chuck E. Cheese. From then on, every time his family passed an arcade they would stop in so that Nolan

Keurig Dr Pepper Transitioning To 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles 

Keurig Dr Pepper (NASDAQ: KDP) recently announced that they are transitioning its Snapple and CORE brands to 100% recycled plastic bottles.  This move reflects a global trend as more companies are moving towards an environmentally sustainable packaging.  The bottles that Keurig Dr Pepper plan

VENDEX TURKEY 2021 to be held April 8-10 in Istanbul

Tureks International Fairs Co. has announced news dates for VENDEX TURKEY –Vending Technologies and Self Service Systems Exhibition which will be held on 8-10 April in Istanbul, Turkey.  The reason for postpone is in order to offer a healthier and more effective event experience.

MagexUSA’s Cake Box Kiosk, For Cake Boss Fans!

Calling all Canadian Cake Boss fans – world renowned cakes from Carlo’s Bakery, the Hoboken-based family bakery featured on TLC’s hit show Cake Boss, are now available on demand across Ontario at Carlo’s Bakery Express Cake ATMs! With 14 locations from Toronto to Hamilton

5G Powered Vending Machines Are The Next Growth Sector

2020 has been a big year for vending because we’ve seen more vending machines embrace contactless solutions due to the Pandemic, and offer a wide array of new products, the big question though is what’s the next big growth area for vending?  5G is the next big growth sector for vending

LAI Games Plans Big Fun at Virtual Orlando Social Crawl

Dallas, November, 2020 – LAI Games, a founding sponsor of the ShowUp Trade Show for FECs, will be helping add some big fun to their Virtual Orlando Social Crawl, taking place Tuesday November 17 from 7pm – 11pm Eastern time. The company will host Name That Game, a brand-new virtual game show,

USAT Announces Upgrade Program for 3G Devices 

MALVERN, Pa. – November 5, 2020 — USA Technologies, Inc. (OTC: USAT) (“USAT”), a cashless payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the self-service retail market, today announced its initiatives in preparation for the wireless

Empire Vending Leveraging USA Tech’s Platform To Improve Efficiencies

For Houston’s Empire Vending, LLC, the decision to choose USA Technologies was a step that the company knew that they needed to take, if they wanted to continue providing the most efficient service to their 200 customers in the greater Houston area.  Empire partnered with USA technologies

Capital Provisions Acquires Century Vending San Diego Operations

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2020 – Capital Provisions, a full-service vending operator based in Los Angeles, CA, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Century Vending’s San Diego operations. The purchase is the first acquisition completed by Capital Provisions in San Diego

Century Foods Offers Private Label Snacks

With a history of over 30 years in snack food production, Century Snacks is now private labeling its products for vending operators.  Century produces a wide variety of flavored nut and trail mix products under their brands Snack Club, California Naturals and Muncheros in its southern California

How to Start a Micro Market Business by Parlevel

INTRODUCTION Hello and welcome to the Parlevel guide on How to Start Your Micro Market Business! My name is Jayce Kalmbach, and I’m the Director of Sales here at Parlevel. Over the years, we have consulted hundreds of companies on how to find success with micro markets, and we want to give you the

Entrepreneur Develops High Tech Coffee/Espresso Bar

After dipping his toe in the specialty coffee industry with a coffee shop in 2010, Jeff Osburn, a foodservice industry veteran, took a stab at coffee service when he had the opportunity to provide coffee service for a supermarket. He quickly recognized the challenge of providing a high quality coffee

Installed Building Automation Systems To Reach 34.4 Million Systems by 2024

Gothenburg, Sweden – November 4, 2020: According to a new research report from IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, the installed base of connected building automation systems in Europe and North America reached an estimated 20.5 million systems in 2019. This includes building systems that are connected

LAI Games Offers Big Savings on Refurbished Headsets for Virtual Rabbids

Dallas, November 3, 2020 – For the month of November, LAI Games is offering $100 off on the purchase of factory refurbished headsets for their hugely successful VR attraction, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. The factory refurbished HTC Vive headsets have been thoroughly tested to work like new an

ACE Virtual Lunch and Learn – The Change Decision, Nov 17th

Introducing a change? Having one forced on you that you don’t like? How do you keep everyone aligned on what’s important to communicate?  Join us for an interactive session with The Change Decision on how to get you and your leadership team clear on the change ahead and how to communicate it.

VendMedic – Parts, Repair Service And Support

With the covid virus forcing more operators to either retrofit or repair machines to meet today’s needs, operators are groping to find sources for those services. One such company helping operators in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware is VendMedic. Having vending machines, parts and

Nutrimeals Cooked Meal Automated Kiosks

Nutrimeals, a Canadian start up, has been hard at work with creating automated kiosks which serve freshly-prepared meals.  The Nutrimeals automated kiosk vending machine offers a wide variety of healthy, well–portioned menu options ranging from traditional favorites such as shepherd’s

Vending Machine Market Projected To Grow 9.82 billion between 2020-2024

Recent data from Technavio states that the vending machine market was projected to grow by a CAGR of 11% in 2020.  This growth can be directly traced to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made vending machines a vital part of consumers‘ daily lives.   During Covid-19, every consumer has

Betson Completes Large Game Room Install at The Alley

October 28, 2020 – The Betson Installation Team recently finished a 37-piece game room at The Alley in Gadsden, AL which has plans to host a grand opening in late November. The arcade features a slate of redemptions games like NERF Arcade, Big Bass Wheel, DC Superheroes Coin Pusher, Despicable Me

RAC, Smart Kiosks That Can Increase Your Revenue!

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business, and vending is no different. Retail Automated Concept Kiosks were created to be a comprehensive solution for selling items that require regulatory compliance INCLUDING THE HEMP AND CBD MARKET. Multiple options for Age Verification Dedicated

Final Days to Get Half Off The Big Expansion Pack from LAI Games

Dallas, October 26, 2020 – Time is running out to take advantage of LAI Games 50% off promotion on The Big Expansion Pack, the three new rides for the award-winning VR attraction, Virtual Rabbids. This fantastic deal is set to expire on October 30, 2020, so operators must act quickly.

Kuario Is Helping Vending Owners Bring Their Machines Into The 21st Century 

Is your vending machine stuck in the 1990s and only able to accept payment via cash or coin? If so, Kuario can help!  The Netherlands based company specializes in offering a convenient way for vending machine owners to convert their “old school” vending machines into machines that can accept

LAI Games Shares Virtual Rabbids Insights with LB VR Community

Dallas, October 26, 2020 – Leading manufacturer LAI Games recently teamed up with Ubisoft to give the location-based VR community insight into the creation of industry’s highest earning unattended VR attraction, Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. At last week’s VR LBE Summit, LAI Games VP of

QM Box Vending Machines Provide International Gourmet Meals

QM Box is a revolutionary new concept for providing affordable, healthy, international gourmet meals to everyone. These days, it can be hard to balance schedules while still having time left over for shopping and cooking nutritious meals.  Convenience and speed are frequently prioritized over fresh

Introducing A Dedicated PPE Vending Machine Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic 

Digital Media Vending International LLC has introduced a PPE vending machine that dispenses travel-size hygiene essentials, including hand sanitizers and masks, to ensure the hygiene protection of your employees, customers, and guests.  In March, the World Health Organization declared the novel

The History Of Vending Machines

Vending machines came into being as coin-operated machines in the 1880s. From this simplistic version, they evolved and progressed into many different forms. Custom vending machines were then produced by vending machine manufacturers in order to cater to a greater customer base.

ICE Takes Over STING Kiddie Ride Line

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE) is proud to announce a new partnership with Mark Sprenger and Sting International. ICE will be adding the popular Sting rides, attractions and games to its extensive portfolio. Moving forward ICE will be handling many popular Sting rides such as The KC

Betson Recently Completed a Large Game Room Install

The Betson Installation Team recently finished a 71 piece game room (The Game Zone) at Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, FL which opened its doors on September 11, 2020. The Game Zone occupies just over half of the 10,000 square ft. addition to its existing 40-lane bowling center.

Atlantic Dominion, A Reliable Product Distributor

Since 1875, Atlantic Dominion has been a leader in supplying the food and grocery industry with the products that they need. Their continued excellent customer service, along with stellar inventory variety, has made Atlantic Dominion a leading supplier in the food, vending, and grocery industries

Global Vending 2020, Demand And Growth Worldwide

The global vending machine market started strong in 2020, poised for another great year. Although, since the pandemic started, the vending machine market has grown even more as vending machines have been classified as essential businesses during the pandemic because they require minimal physical

Customize With Branded Vending Machines

Betson is transforming the way consumers experience vending: this new modern design with out-of-the-box cashless and nutritional data brings more selections and a new shopping cart to drive multiple purchases. Reliable, long-lasting solutions with future-ready technology while also meeting new ADA

New Digital Footprint At

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of our brand new digital footprint at It has been a work in progress for quite some time and will help us to continue to deliver an enhanced customer experience in an online environment. This new website is not simply a facelift from

Custom Graphic Hand Sanitizer Stands

Sanitize while growing your business during Covid-19. Check out these Custom Hand Sanitizer Stands by Shows to Go Backdrops, any company can promote their business to consumers because this sanitizer stand can be set up in less than five minutes and offers full 360-degree branding.

Contactless Hot Soup Server Vending Machine

Are you searching for another food option to offer your customers this winter? Made by Vendinova S.A., SOUP-SERVER could be the most convenient way to sell ready–made soup that’s 100% fresh and made from all-natural ingredients.  Many consumers enjoy soup all year round.

Why Should You Switch To Contactless Vending?

Are you thinking about making the switch to contactless vending for your vending machines but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for your business? If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Even though contactless vending has been a ‘buzzword’ in 2020, the reality is that this technolology

QMBOX, The Next Revolution in American Dining

Tired of losing money over accounts that request food options? Stuck SPINNING the Wheel of Death and wishing you could ditch those loss-leader machines? Introducing the newest option for food vending: QMBox. Our Italian-made, hot food vending machines dispense piping-hot, healthy, delicious meals

Betson Completes New Monster Mini Golf Game Room Install in Yonkers

October, 2020 – The Betson Installation Team recently finished a 26 game arcade room in a new Yonkers, NY location of Monster Mini Golf. The arcade features games like Halo: Fireteam Raven and Mario Kart DX with NERF Arcade, Taj Mahal Mini Rings that will keep kids busy and loading up on

The Pixcell Smart Photo Booth Now Available USA!

The Pixcell Photo Booth is developed on the basis of Rosavtomattorg’s many years of experience in servicing photo booths of various modifications. The Photo Box booth uses the latest innovative technologies that have no analogues in the world. The dynamic camera allows you to adjust

Gaming Monitors – Why are you paying more?

Why are you paying more for your Gaming Monitors? CDS has stock of low cost, highly reliable solutions that will save you money! We have touch and non-touch 21.5” and 27” commercial grade open frame monitors, designed for integration into many applications, in stock and waiting for you!

Check Out What’s New In G&A 2020, Nov 28th

Held in Zhongshan, the world’s biggest producing city of games and amusement rides, G&A expo is back this November with brand new features to give you a brand new experience! Gathering nationwide outstanding enterprises and decision makers, G&A is definitely worth attending

LAI Games Exhibits, Debuts New Game at blooloop’s V-Expo

CPI Announces Launch of COTI Coffee Vending Machine to North America


Smart Hamburger Vending Machine by BOTAST

BOTAST has released a new vending machine that will revolutionize the food industry and prove to be a great asset in convenience micro markets and vending machines located in airports, breakrooms, casinos, corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, senior centers,

Protecting The Product And The People

Hero Jerky – Peppered Meat And Cheese Trail Mix – All The Flavors That You Want In One Bag! 

Oh My Green Rebrands To Garten

SouveNEAR, Sell Locally Made Souvenirs! 

Avanti Markets Unveils New Help Center for Operators

Dave & Buster’s Rolls Out LAI Games’ Award-winning HYPERpitch

Crystal Displays Launch Edge-Lit Attractor LCD Monitors with Touch


Nayax Webinar Highlights Cashless Payments 10-13-20

QM Box Vending Machines Provide International Gourmet Meals

LAI Games Sponsors ShowUp Virtual Trade Show

Contactless ATM Market Overview For 2020-2025

Back to the future! Return of America’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!

SandenVendo Announces Integrated Swipe and vīv Mobile Cashless Capabilities

WW Launches Ready To Drink Canned Coffee Latte

The Locker Network Offers Huge Discounts to Make Room for New Inventory

LAI Games Offers 50% Off New Virtual Rabbids Rides Through October

ICE Takes Over STING Kiddie Ride Line

Touchless Vending Systems, Contactless Vending Solutions

Microtronic US Cashless Payment System

Wholesale PPE Products for Vending Machines



CBD Products Offer High Margins in Vending Space 

Coldtainer, Solutions For Transporting Temperature Controlled Products 

AnytimeCBD’s Compact Machines Offer New Profit Center for Operators

Installed Cellular IoT Devices to Reach 116.6 Million by 2024

Tech Veteran Chuck Brower joins Tech 2 Success

Top 10 Energy Drinks Of 2020 

EV Charging Points in Europe and North America to reach 4.4 Million by 2024

Avanti Markets Makes Planograms Easier than Ever


GReT Smart Vending Machines, Contactless, Cashless


Betson Announces Promotion of Britannie Betti to Business Development Manager

Vending Machine Equipment Financing, Vending Business Capital Funding

Bart And Judy Reinvented An American Classic: The Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie

Five Star Food Service Hires Michael Chapman as New VP of Dining 

365 Acquires Stockwell’s Smart Store Locations and Technology

Bart & Judy’s Announce Healthy Vending Partnerships 

TouchPoint Science Solutions For Safer Vending

PayRange Offers Cashless Payment With No Monthly Fees

Betson Parts NEW Touchless Button Helps Stop The Spread Of Viruses

LAI Games Launches Virtual Rabbids Hygiene Kit

Five Star Food Service Names Richard Kennedy President and CEO

Workfast Tools Launches New Mode of Personal Protection

Vending Automation, More About The Latest Technology


Vagabond Announces Dual Cashless, Simultaneous vīv Touchless and Traditional Swipe with Any VMS

Smart Vending Machine Solutions For 21st Century Product Delivery 

Connect Your ATM To The Internet With The Hercules Wireless ATM Modem

Mega Blaster Makes Every Kid Want To Stop And PLAY!

Top Ten Mobile Operators Have 85 Percent Market Share In Cellular IoT

Concerned For Quality Temperature Testing Solutions Available?

Custom Wall Mounted Vending Machines Save Space, Vends Small Products

iClean Dog Wash- CUBE Premium line

Looking For A Reliable Vending Machine Company?

Digital Media Vending International Creates Custom Hair Vending Machine

Touchless Concerns Drives Biggest Change To Vending Machines

Vengo Introduces Touchless Shopping for Millions of Consumers


NAMA Announces Greg Garson Allied Member of the Year


Bai Offers Flavorful, HEALTHY Antioxidant Drinks

Betson Announces Promotion of Bob Dipipi to VP of Purchasing & Sales

IDS Intros PUSH-IT, a New Tray Delivery System

Vending Machines for Masks and Hand Sanitizer Pop Up in NYC Subway


NAMA Announces Nicky Gacos 2020 Industry Person Of The Year!

Watchman Door Smart Locks Technology Provides Security And Control For Vending Machines

COVID-19 Highlights Need for Real-Time Cargo Tracking Solutions

Micro Market Stats 2020, What’s Happening In The Micro Market Industry

NAMA Announces 2020 Industry Award Honorees

Crane Merchandising Systems Merges into Crane Payment Innovations

COVID Thermal Scanner by Vending Design Works

VendaMarts Delivers Pre-Packaged Food Products into Neighborhoods Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

NuMind Solutions Now Builds Custom Routes for New Entrepreneurs

SandenVendo Offers Embedded vīv Touchless Cashless Option on All Models

Managed Smart Metering Services To Thrive As Utilities Seek To Maximize Value

SkinnyDipped Cashews, The Next Big Thing In Healthy Snacks 

LAI Games Spearheads Project: Kickstar

Clean Energy Drinks By Runa

High Tech Micro Bakeries Offer Artisan Vending Food

Vending Design Works Intros OLLI, The Compact Smart Vending Machine

LAI Games Releases State of the Industry Report

VendaCarts Mobile Automated Retail Store

Monopoly Roll-N-Go NOW SHIPPING

Seaga’s IIC Helps Grainger and Chicago Cubs with Inventory Control Vending

Smart Vending, How Retailers Turn It into A $15 Billion Dollar Market By 2025 

Global Vending Group Partners With DMVI to Distribute New PPE Automated Retail Equipment USA

Cafection | Evoca Launches Contactless Coffee Ordering Technolog

Aramark Opens Over 100 Pop-Up Grocery Stores for Frontline Healthcare Workers

It’s Time To Evolve Today’s ATM Machines, Not Eliminate Them

Caveman Coffee Releases Functional Sparkling Hibiscus Tea

Coolgreens Expands Business Development Strategy Amid Pandemic


Energy Gum Delivered With Touch-Free Technology by Space Station

Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine, Simply The Best!

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