Express Combo Holds Multiple Drink And Snack Selections!

Express Combo

If you’ve owned vending machines for a while, you know that there’s nothing worse than seeing someone leave your vending machines empty-handed because they didn’t find something they wanted.  Thanks to the Express Combo Vending Machine, operators can say goodbye to disappointed customers and lost revenue. 

This vending machine holds 9 drink selections and 20 snack selections so most customers who come to your vending machine won’t leave without finding purchasing food or a beverage. 

Optimized For Today’s Consumers 

Today’s vending machines have to be compact, energy-efficient, able to capture a consumer’s attention, and offer them the foods and beverages that they would be interested in purchasing. 

With the Express Combo Vending Machine, operators can have peace of mind in knowing that this vending machine ‘checks all of the boxes’ for what a vending machine should offer consumers. 

Easy To Load  

The good news is that the Express Combo Vending Machine also has a convenient tilt-out snack tray that will make it easy for operators to load their customer’s favorite cookies, chips, and snacks that they love. 

Once the snacks are loaded, this vending machine also has an easy-to-load bottle/can trays that can hold up to nine drink selections. 

ADA Compliant 

Operators who are concerned about ADA compliance will also have peace of mind in knowing that this vending machine is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

Best of all, it also offers consumers multiple payment options as well so that a consumer won’t walk away empty-handed because there’s more than one way to pay.  

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