Fastcorp’s Robotic Arm Enables Distribution of Regulated Items And More

For vending machines to become more effective, they have to function more like humans. Fastcorp DIVI vending machines has accomplished this goal with the articulated robot arm that each of their machines have. The robotic arm excels in picking the items that a vending customer wants including regulated items like beer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, CBD and more, and effectively placing those items in the delivery bay. 

Full Range Of Motion 

Robotic Arm Fastcorp

Unlike other traditional vending machines in the past, Fastcorp’s DIVI vending machine has a precision robotic arm that has a full range of motion, precision, and speed. The robotic arm eliminates errors and ensures that each delivery is made with precision. 

Easy To Use 

As technology advances, robotic technology is also becoming more efficient, DIVI’s robotic arm technology is a perfect example of this because it contains a smaller number of parts, gears, and motors, compared to the ‘old school’ robotic arm technology of traditional vending machines. 

  • The DIVI robotic arm will pick and deliver items of any shape or size .
  • Has a powerful vacuum that will pick up to four points.
  • Can be easily programmed to pick up any product.
  • Will deliver most products through the delivery chute.

Vending machines are becoming more futuristic and with the DIVI robotic arm by Fastcorp vending, consumers will be attracted by the robotic entertainment that this machine offers, which ultimately will lead to more impulse sales.  

About Fastcorp Vending 

Located in Chester, CT, Fastcorp has been an industry leader in robotic retail and vending technology for almost three decades. Their unique product storage and delivery method offers a versatile, reliable, efficient and cost effective approach to vend just about anything. Their machines can be found in over 50 countries wowing customers and providing the opportunity for consumers to feel the future, not the past, when purchasing robotically.

To learn more about the robotic arm technology by Fastcorp Vending, visit their website at or call (203) 739-0301.