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Betson to Showcase Newest Equipment at Amusement Expo

Betson Enterprises is excited to showcase the latest arcade equipment in the industry at this year’s Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, NV, from March 29-30. “Amusement Expo is a unique venue to connect and share ideas with the industry,” said Bob Dipipi, Vice President of Sales at Betson

Candy: Impulse Buying Statistics by Candy That Cares

When candy is placed in an impulse buy situation, the results are usually a very high volume of sales. Shoppers are more inclined to make unplanned purchases at physical stores compared with e-commerce sites. While online retail is growing, its impact on impulse purchasing in not as profound.

Evoca North America Offers Sophia Touchless Coffer Maker Solutions

Are you searching for more touchless coffee solutions for your office coffee service, or micro market routes? Distributed by Evoca North America, Sophia Touchless Solutions makes it possible for all to enjoy their daily dose of caffeine without having to physically touch the coffee maker like they

AMI Selects Vengo’s AdServer To Connect Digital Jukeboxes With Advertisers

Vengo Media Network, the leading place-based media technology platform, announced its exclusive programmatic sales partnership with AMI Entertainment, the leading provider of music services to bars and restaurants. “Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is adopting technology at an incredible rate,” 

PUSH BEVERAGES Launches New Tribe Tea Bottle

Push Beverages launches their new Tribe Tea package this spring. This new bottle was chosen to address various areas of feedback from clients over the years including being able to see the iced tea from the bottle, smaller easy-to-handle 12 packs with no cardboard waste and reduced per-unit calorie

Betson Completes Large Game Room Installation at Lakepoint Station

Betson Enterprises, the leading distributor of location-based amusement products, recently finished an upgrade to the 40-piece game room at Lakepoint Station in Cartersville, GA. “Working with Betson has more than exceeded my expectations. Everyone we worked with was extremely helpful an

LAI Games Brings Out-of-this-World Hits to Amusement Expo

Award winning game developer and manufacturer LAI Games will bring their latest innovative products to the 2023 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. The full production model of the company’s hit redemption game Rick and Morty Blips and Chitz will be on display for operators and distributors to play, 

My Cantine, The Smart Cafeteria

The next generation smart fridge for retail, cashless, unattended, 24/7. Deployment of the first My Cantine smart refrigerators in North America was in October 2022. My Cantine Cafeteria 2.0 brings real flexibility compared to a cafeteria with fixed hours: The consumer can pick up their meal at any

Lou, A Veteran Equipment Distributor Unfazed by Today’s Challenges

Louis Kershbaumer’s experience, before and after his 60 years in vending, has taught him to stay positive despite the recession. As well as other problems we have suffered during the past 10 years. When first explained. Louis A. Kershbaumer has been a number of things in his life. 

Payter Cashless Payment Terminals 

One of the keys to success with managing an automated unattended machine business, such as vending or micro markets, is being able to offer cashless payments to your customers because more people than ever before want to pay for their purchases with a quick swipe. 

Need Custom Vending Machine? Check out DMVI!

Digital Media Vending International LLC is an experienced custom vending machine design & manufacturing company that specializes in affordable design solutions. When buying vending machines for a single product, miniature or small vending machines, wall mounted vending machines or free 

Vive Supplies Canada with Healthy Vending Machines

Want to offer your vending customers more than just drinks and snacks? Vive Vending Machines give operators the option of offering healthy choices from their high-capacity vending machine that also offers a dual zone temperature system.  Available in Canada, Vive vending machines are not hard 

Betson to Hold Spring Open House Event in the Southeast, April 12

Betson Event Announcement: On April 12th, the team will be at the Myrtle Beach Stars & Strikes location, which features a 90-piece arcade game room allowing guests to see the latest titles and discuss industry trends. Betson representatives will be on hand to discuss and showcase services

Introducing The Just Baked Kiosk

The future of food service technology has arrived, at zero cost to you! Just Baked uses cutting edge technology to safely deliver incredible tasting food to customers. The kiosk brings food to locations, with optimized inventory and provides new opportunities to service customers any time of the day

USI Designs Micro Market for Space and Cost Savings

A micro market designed to fit into compact locations, offer security behind glass doors and transmit data via DEX which integrates to existing VMS with no recurring fees is being introduced by U-Select-It.  According to USI, the market is designed for small to mid-size operators who want to

Refrigerated Merchandiser Giant, Due North, Reimagines Pet Food Retail

As a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration merchandising for pet food retail businesses and food manufacturers, Minus Forty, a brand of the operating company Due North, anticipates the needs of the industry by re-evaluating and constantly innovating to address the changing landscape


3BROS COOKIES is celebrating the expansion of their STROOPWAFEL BAKERY near Atlanta, Georgia, where locals are baking traditional DUTCH STROOPWAFELS to Distribute fast and fresh across USA!   The new facility expansion significantly increases the production capacity to meet the fast growin

Yo-Kai Express Offers Ramen Noodles In 45 Seconds

Yo-Kai Express has developed a vending machine which delivers ramen noodles in a hot bowl in 45 seconds.  Machines are currently being placed in corporate and public locations around San Francisco.  Created five years ago by Andy Lin, a Silicon Valley–based electrical engineer who was


COPYREX 4.0, this copy printer vending machine is entry point to the ready business. Reliable, easy to maintain and solves the whole range of copy services. Printing, copying, scanning and library. The machine is fully automatic. All you have to do is fill the machine with toner and paper and plug

LAI Games Announces Strategic Reorganization

LAI Games, a leading manufacturer in the location-based entertainment industry, is excited to announce a strategic reorganization aimed at strengthening its game manufacturing business while accelerating growth in a new line of direct-to-consumer products. 2022 was a strong year for LAI Games as the

PayRange Launches #IHEARTPAYRANGE Contest for Users

Encouraging users to tag PayRange on Instagram stating why they love PayRange; top prize is free purchases for a year. PayRange Inc., a manufacturer of a mobile payment app and payment hardware for automated retail, announced the launch of the #IHEARTPAYRANGE contest for users of the PayRange App.

Micron’s Smart Vending Technology With Robot Delivery 

Do you have vending clients that want to order their vending products, and have them delivered, without leaving their offices? Micron Smart Vending offers the technology solutions that you need so that you can offer next-level unattended retail to your customers. 

Create Online Customer Ordering with Tech 2 Success

With the Tech 2 Success online platform, operators can easily order the products that they need right from your website, without having to drive to your warehouse to take time out of their busy schedule for product fulfillment. 

Hot Food Vending Machine Suppliers

HOT FOOD VENDING MACHINES FOR SALE! Fresh Hot Food (pizza, hamburgers, French fries, gourmet meals) vending machine supply companies listed here. Please contact these hot food vending machine suppliers direct for more information about their hot food vending machines and the products they offer.

USI Intros New Scan N Go Market!

Announcing U-Select-It’s New Scan & Go Market, it allows you to stock a wide variety of in-demand, high-margin fresh food, beverages, and snacks in one affordable solution and provides a fast and easy self-checkout experience.  Ask for new Scan & Go Market specs brochure. 


The sector’s meeting in Istanbul started its preparations by renewing its concept. VENDIST is organized by Tureks International Exhibition as part of urban life, entertainment and recreation areas, within the scope of ATRAX, the 11th International Amusement, Game, Park and Sports Fields

LAI Games to Showcase Hit Products at IAAPI Amusement Expo

LAI Games, a leading developer and manufacturer of amusement and arcade games, will be showcasing their latest and greatest offerings at the upcoming IAAPI Amusement Expo in Mumbai, India. Attendees can expect to experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade, the competitive

PayRange’s BluKey For Vending

Are you searching for an easier way for your vending machine customers to pay? If so, PayRange’s BluKey device offers the convenience and flexibility that you’ve been searching for.  All you have to do is plug the BluKey device in line with the coin mech and bill validator on your vending 

SECOMind Delivers Comprehensive AI/IOT Turnkey Applications

SECOMIND is taking the smart vending and unattended retail to the next level. With SECOMIND, you can build a vending and/or a micro market business that can be managed from any location in the world, by offering their comprehensive AI/IOT turnkey applications for cloud management,

Azkoyen USA Offers The Vitro S1 MIA

Azkoyen recently announced that they’ve added another coffee machine to their already successful Vitro line of coffee machines.  The Vitro S1 MIA offers innovative micro-injection air technology that makes it possible for this coffee machine to offer fresh milk; an essential ingredient 

Boxxtech, Automating The Sale Of Canned Cocktails

Managing people is usually difficult and can be a liability. Take away that extra stress and use Ai tools to sell canned cocktails. Boxxtech offers a specialty vending machine that streamlines alcohol sales by using: Realtime age verification, Proprietary Software and Hardware, and Data Collection 

Fingernails2Go Digital Nail Art Kiosk

Bringing fashion and technology together in a seamless blend to offer a truly personalized nail art experience. Fingernails2Go is a self-service Digital Nail Art Kiosk. This specialty machine prints intricate designs and patterns onto fingernails or onto a full set of artificial nails

Automated Vendtech Offers Customized Vending Platform 

Automated Vendtech offers customized vending machines that are built specifically for your brand and products.  Their vending machines stand out from others on the market today thanks to their touch-screen interface that makes ordering easy you can also run video ads on them as well.  

Micro Market Case Study: Challenges, Objectives, Solutions

By Evergreen Refreshments In this micro market case study, we will explain how we helped the Angel of the Winds Casino revamp and update their breakroom. Evergreen Refreshments created a space that features easy access to what their team is looking for:  a reliable source for snacks, beverages,

Soap Station Prime Vending Machine, by KioSoft

KioSoft offers integrated Soap Stations to augment your facility’s location revenue and provide customers with a quick, convenient way to get Detergent, Softeners, Bleach and more. This robust, high-capacity soap station solution accommodates bottles or boxes of Detergent, Softeners, Bleach 

How is North America Performing in The Vending Machine Market?

Increasing Establishment of Retail Vending Machines to Benefit the Regional Market. As per the analysis, North America is anticipated to dominate the market during the forecast period. Future Market Insights expects the region to accumulate 31% revenue by the end of 2022. Dominance can be attributed

Grow Your Unattended Retail Business with Televend

Transform your unattended retail business with the power of digital technology and AI. Unattended retail (ie: vending, micro markets) continues to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States, but for operators, there’s always a struggle with saving money and boosting efficiency.

Express Dry Cleaning Vending Machine

Atlanta, GA based Presso saw the need for environmentally friendly dry cleaning, and they stepped up by creating a new way for consumers to get their dry cleaning done in a dry cleaning ‘vending machine’.  Dry Cleaning for the 21st Century  It’s not hard to know someone who has relied on


Expands company’s service territory to the west in the state Five Star Food Service today announces the acquisition of Lincoln County Vending, a Canteen franchise based in Fayetteville, Tennessee. The acquisition expands the company’s service territory to the west in southern Tennessee along 

Cantaloupe Leads the Way with The 46 Kiosk

The 46 Kiosk is ADA Height Compliant and Incorporates Adjustable Screen Size and Advanced Audio Assistance Features. Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is leading the way toward accessibility in

NuMind Solutions Now Builds Custom Vending Routes for New Entrepreneurs

NuMind Solutions, the industry leader for building custom ATM routes in USA & Canada, announced they are now offering new entrepreneurs help to build their new VENDING BUSINESS in USA and Canada, by creating a custom route of vending machines in a city or in specific areas. 

Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax

Are you planning on investing in an EMV card reader for your business? If so, the Nayax EMV card reader offers you a secure cashless payment solution that will benefit your business because you be able to offer your customers contactless payments.  The Nayax EMV card reader is a secure card 

Is Gamification the Future of Customer Engagement? 

Customer engagement is the key to success when it comes to building a thriving and profitable business, but the big question is how exactly do you keep your customers engaged? Especially in a world where there is always competition for your customers attention?   Gamification is the answer

Redbox Technology Creators Unveil Versatile Autonomous Micro Market 

When Mike DeLazzer and his partners saw a future in video retailing beyond brick and mortar, they created the Redbox technology which is deployed in tens of thousands of kiosks.  Following similar observations in vending, DeLazzer and partners Kristian Silbvers and Franz Kuehnrich 

Bistro To Go! Self-Check Out Micro Markets

Food Express’ Bistro To Go! self-checkout markets are fully customizable, featuring fresh, healthy foods, snacks, beverages and convenience items at work. If that isn’t convenient enough, enjoy instant promotions and payments with our USConnectMe mobile app! From vending favorites 

Gain The AutoCrib Advantage

AutoCrib, Learn More a Leading Solution for Industrial Vending. Are you searching for an industrial vending solution? If so, check out AutoCrib, it’s industrial vending machine that’s specifically designed for point of use inventory management and vending industrial supplies. 

Jofemar Corporation Achieves 60 Million Euros in 2022

Jofemar Corporation closed 2022 with historic results. Specifically, the corporation is based in the region of Navarre (Spain) and specializing globally in the vending, electric mobility and energy storage industries recorded a 61.3 million euros (21.05% more than in 2021), the best figure 

A GenZ Entrepreneur Made $119K In Vending Machine Sales

A Gen Z entrepreneur made $119,000 in vending-machine sales since graduating college. Here’s how she built her business. While attending Georgia State University, Maya Ray noticed her dorm building didn’t have many options for students to grab quick snacks and late-night munchies. 

TIAA Bank Field Adds SOS Vending Machines

SOS is unveiling a new deployment of 14 of its personal care product vending machines at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, the company’s second sports venue deployment. SOS’ first, at Fenway Park, was announced last month. SOS co-Founder Susanna Twarog said that sports venues are an area

Levy Restaurants Adds Bake Xpress to Tech Café 

LBX Food Robotics, the leader in hot food vending, today announced that its Bake Xpress kiosk is part of the Tech Café installed by Levy Restaurants at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Featuring a selection of unique robotic vending solutions, the Tech Café is designed to augment the existing


The Company Brings Hospitality Robots and All-In-One Technology Solutions to Operators through Two New Incubator Participants. US Foods Holding Corp., one of America’s largest foodservice distributors, today announced the addition of two transformative technology offerings to its CHECK® Business

CoffeeB Develops Coffee Ball, a No-Capsule Coffee Pod

CoffeeB delivers the java without the junk. “The coffee capsule was invented in Switzerland in 1976,” writes Swiss company CoffeeB. But they’re not boasting: “It was a brilliant innovation whose success has turned into a global environmental problem. Every year, billions of 

Convert To Microtronic US Cashless Payment Systems

Microtronic US offers solutions that you may need to convert your machines from accepting not just cash and coin, but to all forms of cashless payments.  Using built-in RFIC chip transfers, cashless payments are ideal because they offer both convenience and security while not requiring

Cashless Payment Systems

CASHLESS PAYMENT SYSTEMS for your vending machines and micro markets, office coffee service. Cashless Payment Solutions… Make the investment to go cashless, you’ll be glad you did! $$$ Please contact these cashless payment system companies direct for more information

Benefits of Starting a Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are highly flexible and convenient for new business entrepreneurs. Offering a range of options for what you sell and where you sell it. Maintenance costs and upkeep are minimum, and a single vending machine can bring in hundreds of dollars each month, when on a high traffic 

Beverages, Drinks for Vending Machines and Micro Markets

WHOLESALE BEVERAGES DRINK SUPPLIERS for Vending Machines. Please contact the drink beverage suppliers direct for more information about their products and pricing.Also see: Wholesale Beverages, Coffee, Cold Brew, Drink Mixes, Energy Drinks, Milk Drinks, Juices, Soda, Teas, Water, Drink Vending

Cheesewich™ Original Salami & Colby Jack

Thanks to the Cheesewich™ Original Salami & Colby Jack, anyone can have a delicious, hearty snack that they can enjoy anytime.  Ideal for a Grab and Go meal or snack. This Cheesewich is ready to eat, vacuum packed. 2.5 oz of deliciousness! Contains 15g of Protein, 1% Carbs,

Buffalo Rock Goes All-In with Cantaloupe’s Seed Platform

Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is proud to announce that its Cantaloupe Seed platform has been adopted by the Buffalo Rock Company, the largest single family-owned Pepsi and Dr Pepper 

Should You Have Dome Camera for Security? 

In 2023, unattended retail, micro market and vending security is more important than ever before. With crime on the rise at some cities nationwide, a dome camera offers operators the necessary security feature that they need because, this camera will deter criminals while also monitoring the locations

How Byte Fresh Food Technology Works

Unattended retail is set for another big year in 2023, and fresh food is poised to be one of the top products offered this year because, as more consumers go back to work, they also want to eat healthy.  Thankfully, Byte Fresh Technology can help consumers eat healthy regardless of if they are

USI’s Mercato 4000 – A New Addition!

Announcing a NEW addition to the Mercato glass front snack vending machines line, the Mercato 4000 offers high capacity snack volume for more flexibility and customer choices at mid to high traffic locations. The Mercato 4000 offers up to 36 selections and a product capacity of up to 360 items.


2022 was another strong year for unattended retail, worldwide, as consumers continued to demand the convenience and functionality that unattended retail offers them, but the big question is willing the demand continue in 2023? Check out the Parlevel Systems Video:

Grow Your Micro Market Sales With Lighting For Impact

LIGHTING FOR MICRO MARKETS AND VENDING Lighting for Impact – Breaktime snack sales perform better with made-for-retail LED shelf lighting and display merchandising solutions. Grow your micro market unit sales by as much as 37% based on recent test data. LFI has easy-install solutions that get


This couple is going viral for buying a vending machine as a side hustle. TikToker Jade Davis posted a video of the pair stocking their newly bought, refurbished machine. It quickly racked up over 2.9 million views. People were curious about what it meant to own an

Amusement Expo International 2023

Celebrating the Soaring ’20s! The Future is Back! The global stage is set for the Amusement Expo International (AEI) – the industry’s most influential conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the Amusement Entertainment Industry. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!

Build a Better Workplace Culture, by Peak Refreshments

Build a Better Workplace Culture With Break Room Perks. Employees spend 40 hours per week in the office. A positive Denver workplace culture makes their time more enjoyable. As a result, employee satisfaction will skyrocket. Furthermore, an upbeat environment can boost productivity levels.

Featuring Buffalo Strive Vending

PROVIDING HEALTHY SOLUTIONS TO EVERYDAY SNACKING THROUGH INNOVATIVE MARKETS AND VENDING IN BUFFALO NEW YORK Buffalo Strive Vending, Inc. was founded by Jon Corto, NFL Pro, & his wife, Jen, in an effort to further the NFL Play 60 Initiative, which encourages kids to be active & stay healthy

The New Incredivend Skittles Kiosk

Get in early to be the first to offer INCREDIVEND…the newest and sweetest vending opportunity. Financing Plans Starting At Only…. $188 Per Month! Now is your opportunity to own an INCREDIVEND machine featuring MARS Wrigley Confections Skittles:

Our Healthbox, Canada’s Healthcare Vending Machine

REACH Nexus Group, recently announced the launch of Our Healthbox, Canada’s first smart, interactive dispensing machine, that will provide free 24-7 access to healthcare supplies like HIV self-testing kits, naloxone kits, and COVID-19 testing kits as well. Since many people in communities 

Wall Mounted Vending Machines, by DMVI

DMVI’s Wall-mounted vending machines are a compact, space-saving alternative to large floor standing vending machines. Wall vending machines today can be packed with the same 21st-century features that are found in floor standing vending machines. They can dispense a range of different 

365 Retail Markets’ Seasonal Best Sellers

365’s Seasonal Best-Sellers: Winter Wonder Foods. Like many food service operators (FSO), you are likely restocking your markets regularly, and as the Winter season approaches, it’s time to consider which products will entice your consumers in a festive, fulfilling and flavorful manner. 

Industry Pro Mike Kane Heads Up LAI Games Sales

LAI Games announces the addition of industry veteran Mike Kane to their leadership team. Mike has assumed the role of Vice President of Global Sales for the company and is responsible for driving LAI’s continued growth in global markets. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to 

Planet Protein Pistachios – A Healthy Snack And Excellent Source of Protein

With 12% of the daily value of protein that the average consumer needs in each serving, Planet Protein pistachios are certainly an ideal snacking option, and they are never boring. The company offers a wide range of flavors and styles to choose from that will appeal to snack food fans

Liquid Ice, Next Generation Energy Drink

Who Are We? Liquid Ice Energy has been in business for 17 years. Produced in the USA and distributed in over 40 states through participating Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, independent PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola distributors. It is available throughout the United States

Nayax’s MoMa 2.0, A Mobile Management App for On-the-Go Use

Nayax Ltd. the leading cashless payments provider, now offers MoMa 2.0, the newest update to its mobile management app for on-the-go use with Nayax devices. MoMa 2.0 enables data-driven smart decision-making and reduces time and operational costs with an always available management app

Steve Slagle, a 42-Year-Old, Has Ice Vending Side Hustle

Steve Slagle, a 42-year-old entrepreneur from Panama City Beach, Florida, started an ice vending machine business that made $33,000 last year. It only takes 2 hours a week to run. I bought two ice vending machines and started selling ice and water in February 2022 as a second income stream.

Instant Retail Systems, Automated Solutions

Since the early 2000’s, Instant Retail Systems has been leading the advancement of automated retail in the United States and they’ve successfully applied automation to many markets including the DVD rental business.  The company pioneered Redbox, the well-known DVD movie rental box business

Need Custom Vending Machine? Check out DMVI

Digital Media Vending International LLC is an experienced custom vending machine design & manufacturing company that specializes in affordable design solutions. When buying vending machines for a single product, miniature or small vending machines, wall mounted vending machines

Elite Cuisine and Superior Vend-All Combine Forces

Merger creates Apex Restaurant and Marketing Solutions, the largest independently owned corporate food service company based in Missouri. Two long-time food service companies recently united with one goal in mind: to ultimately convert their merged businesses into a successful employee-owned 

DMVI Offers Custom Electronic Lockers for All Vending Applications

Electronic lockers are the latest technology that’s helping companies to reduce labor costs while making it easier for employees to get the products that they need.  What’s ideal about a Digital Vending’s Locker System is that it also syncs up with the company inventory management system

quinzee™, The Fully Automatic Vending Machine For Smoothies 

Smoothies are one of the most well-known frozen textured beverages in the world because they are a convenient way for someone to get their fruits in a convenient frozen drink, but smoothies have always been something that had to be physically made to be enjoyed. 

Instant Retail Systems, Automated Solutions

Since the early 2000’s, Instant Retail Systems has been leading the advancement of automated retail in the United States and they’ve successfully applied automation to many markets including the DVD rental business.  The company pioneered Redbox, the well-known DVD movie rental box business

AI Merchandising with HIVERY Enhance

Are you searching for the right solutions to run your vending business more efficiently? If so, HIVERY’s Enhance software makes it possible for operators to intelligently merchandise their machines using data driven analytics and artificial intelligence.  HIVERY Enhance was created for

Add Age Verification To Vending Machines With VAV Box

A European manufacturer has developed an age verification add-on module for vending machines worldwide.  The module makes operators more competitive with traditional retailers which have the ability for an on-site clerk to check a consumer’s age.    It also enables operators to expand into

Nayax Capital FINANCING is Here!

Nayax Ltd., a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business, today announced the launch of Nayax Capital, its embedded financing solution for operators looking to purchase a VPOS Touch card reader or Nova Market self-service kiosk to scale their 

The NAMA Show 2023 Atlanta, Register Now

The NAMA Show Theme to Focus on Client, Consumer, Convenience Experience. The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) announced the opening of registration for The NAMA Show 2023, the most influential event for the convenience services industry. The three-day showcase, to be held May 10

So How Does a Smart Vending Machine Work?

Placed mindfully in parks, cafes, gyms, schools and housing apartments, there is a high chance, a smart vending machine will turn out to be a delight box for someone. Often stocked with goodies like snacks, refreshments as bizarre as paan, and even t-shirts, cashless vending machines is at CES Show in Vegas!, a division of R M Electronics Inc., is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Their Giant Electronic Vending Machine and other bulk electronic vending machines are on display featuring the Nayax cashless payment system technology.

Seaga Acquires AMS

Yes, Seaga Acquires AMS, Serving More Customers, Better. Seaga Manufacturing, Inc. (“Seaga”), the leading platform for innovative Automatic Retail Dispensing and modular Intelligent Inventory Control Solutions, serving the Food and Beverage, Industrial, Water Filtration and Healthcare 

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