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Vending Route for Sale Description
Contact Info
VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE COLORADO!! I AM PRACTICALLY GIVING THIS BUSINESS AWAY!I have two N2GO machines that are placed in local gymnastic centers. One has been in the same location for six years. The second one was moved to their sister location in August of 2019 and are within 6 miles of each other in southwest Colorado Springs. Both machines are profitable and I fill them about every ten to fourteen days. Selling machines, locations, parts, inventory for just $2,500 which is about what I am projecting the profit to be. I am selling because I’m 73 years old and ready to slow down. GREAT LITTLE SIDE BUSINESS. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. CALL (719) 482-5429.
Vending Route
Phone: (719) 482-5429
6 healthy vending machines like new in great locations for sale in NYC (Manhattan and Bronx) and south Westchester. The machines are healthy vending but the location are open for all kind of snacks and drinks. For more information, email or call (917) 600-3124.
Vending Route
Phone: (917) 600-3124
BULK VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE IN NORTH DAKOTA AREAS, including some parts of South Dakota and Minnesota!!! 1600 Machines, 1300 Machines on location. 42 years established business. Includes: Bulk Vending Machines: Stickers, Tattoos, Gumballs. Also, Spiral Gumball, and Crane Game machines too. Asking Price is only $150,000. Owner is Retiring. Call 701-429-1530 for more details.
Phone: 701-429-1530
ESTABLISHED VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE IN DALLAS TEXAS! Established vending business since 2019. 16 vending machines placed in 5 high volume locations in Dallas, Texas. Gross monthly sales approx. $4000.00. 1 cold food, 6 snack, 9 soda all with credit card readers. 1 coffee service & 2 Brio Premiere Hot/Cold water Dispenser services. Additional 2 soda machines & 1 Brio Premier Hot/Cold water dispenser and (5) 3 burner commercial coffee makers in warehouse. Also includes bill counter, all coinage in machines and stocked merchandise. SELLING ENTIRE BUSINESS FOR ONLY $45,000. Take over business right away.
Vending Route
Phone: (469) 274-8042
TURNKEY ROUTE IN SAN ANTONIO AREA!. ASKING $150,000 for all machines and locations. Profitable existing vending route with great locations and potential for expansion! Well established route with 37 machines in 12 locations. Gross annual sales average over $135k/yr. All machines are in good condition. All machines have been recently upgraded to accept all forms of payment including cash, credit card, pay apps and are equipped with Nayax technology to remotely monitor and manage sales and inventory. BUYER WILL RECEIVE: 37 machines already placed in current locations, 1 brand new machine that needs to be placed, coins in machines, product inventory in machines and in storage, containers/bins and storage racks, spare parts and machine manuals. Seller will provide hands on familiarization and training with software, machines, reports and face to face meeting with representatives at each location.
Vending Route
Phone: (210) 889-2363
CONFIRMED LOCATION ROUTE FOR SALE IN ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA! Locations are schools and colleges in the Orange County, California area. The machines can vend Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Hot Cocoa, and Espresso. Most locations do not have any other vending services currently being offered. These machines can be setup nearly anywhere with just a power outlet. Servicing only takes 15 minutes. All Coffee machines are NEW and they still hold the manufacturer’s warranty. The gross sales estimated it is $40,000 annually. I am including all inventory for each machine. The asking price is only $35,000. Owner is not able to service due to becoming handicapped.
Vending Route
Phone: (714) 860-9969
Established Vending Routes for sale in Atlanta, Georgia. 9 machines 3 routes,3 snack, one combo,4 drink ,one change all on locations with no commission on all the routes. east ,north, south Atlanta areas. All routes in positive cash flow from machines. I am willing to break down routes by area, if you want a certain section of the Atlanta area. Asking price $23,000. Call Daryl at 786-742-1129 or 770-203-3175. Email
Vending Route
Phone: (786) 742-1129
Established Vending Routes for sale in Stanwood, Washington. Healthy Snack Vending route for sale. Two “Naturals 2 Go” machines from Vendtech International, placed in great locations, in Skagit County WA. Wonderful growth opportunity in the area. Machines are only 2 years old and have Remote monitoring with Credit, Debit, and Touch pay. Inventory selection is completely flexible in conjunction with the desires of the location. Machines cleared $10,000 first year. Asking $12,000 or best offer!!
Vending Route
Established business with 5 locations in North Atlanta, Georgia. Total of 8 units for sale, 5 HY2100 combo machines and 3 side entree units. Machines were purchased new in May 2019. All machines are fully operational with mobile pay capabilities and credit card processing with USA Technologies. Remote monitoring and inventory management software included. ASKING PRICE IS $27,000!! SOLD!!
Vending Route
ESTABLISHED VENDING ROUTES FOR SALE FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY!! Turnkey operation, with locations in Frankfort, Ky. 40 snack machines & 30 drink machines all on location making $$$. All inventory included. Serving locations for over 25 years!!! This is a great starter route, or addition to existing route. Owner is retiring. Asking only $95,000. Price includes a 16’ Box Van & dolly.
Vending Route
VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE IN JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY!! Established route 3 years ago with 5 locations (Auto Dealer and trucking company). Total of 9 machines (5 Futura, 2 snacks and 2 drink). Machines accepts cash, credit and phone payments and software ready to manage and monitor sales and inventory remotely. Credit card readers will be transfer upon purchase. Machines are in excellent conditions, purchased from manufacturer. Asking Price $30,000 (must sell by July 30th, moving out-of-state)
Vending Route
Two N2Go machines. Currently placed at gymnastic locations. Pre-Covid gross income was about $6,800 for machine one. Machine two had just been moved from another location but I would expect somewhere between $3,500 to $5,000 for this machine. First machine has been in same location for five years. Asking $7,500 (or best offer) for both machines, parts, inventory and route.
Seattle, Washington
ESTABLISHED ROUTE FOR SALE SEATTLE, WASHINGTON!! With the ability to customize each machine’s products based off the customer’s preferences in every location, combined with the use of technology for purchases, my machines give you every advantage you need to be successful. I have 6 high quality machines outfitted with the most up-to-date technology that makes using them easy and convenient. Card (debit/credit/phone) and cash options make the process user-friendly and with a freely configurable coil system and conveyor shelf you can vend any product your location may want. Remote access allows off-site monitoring to check inventory, maintenance and review sales from a computer allowing you to work when you want & whenever you want. 4 machines are on location. 2 in one location and 2 in another location. Both locations are in South Seattle and are very close to each other and very manageable. I have 2 machines in storage and would be willing to help you place them.
Vending Route
Atlanta, Georgia
TURNKEY ROUTE IN ATLANTA AREA! 17 combo food/drink Healthier4U Vending Machines. Asking $165,000 for all machines and locations. Profitable existing vending route with great locations and potential for expansion! Established route for over 3 years with 17 Futura 3859 combo machines at 12 locations. 4 locations are car dealerships, 1 location is a large hotel, 1 location is a high school and another location is a park with heavy foot traffic year round. Gross annual sales average over $150k/yr. All machines are in good condition purchased new from the manufacturer in 2018. Machines have 350 total item capacity–20 snacks and 9 beverages! Machines accept all forms of payment including cash, credit card, pay apps and are equipped with GREENLITE technology to remotely monitor and manage sales and inventory. BUYER WILL RECEIVE: current product inventory, storage containers/bins and racks, hand trucks, coin sorter, bill counter, spare parts and machine manuals. Seller will provide hands on familiarization and training with software, machines, reports and face to face meeting with representatives at each location.
Vending Route
Vacaville, California
VENDING MACHINES FOR SALE (Retiring Military Leaving the Area) For sale in Vacaville CA area- (10) 2018 HY2100 electrical combo snack & drink Healthy You HY2100 vending machines + 2 side entrée merchandiser. 2 are new, never used; 7 are in like new condition. 3 machines + 1 side entrée side unit are placed in the Sacramento CA area and the others are in storage. Each machine has a Credit/debit card reader and are touchless pay capable. All Machines are compliant with the 2012 American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for vending machines. Asking $29K for all 12 (10 machines and 2 side entrée units). ****Will also accept Bitcoin or Eutherian as payment method ****NO DELIVERY, PICK UP ONLY.
Vending Route
Broward & Miami Dade Counties, Florida!!
VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE BROWARD/MIAMI DADE COUNTIES FLORIDA!!! Established route over Five years with Four locations. Machines include: 8 Soda, 5 Snack, 4 Coffee, 2 Water Coolers, all on location. Most machines have credit card readers. Two locations are car dealerships, One location is an airport.
Gross Annual Sales: $36,000. Asking only $18,400!!! SOLD!!
Southern Florida Vending Route for sale
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
TURNKEY ROUTE IN OKC AREA! FIVE mid 2018 Healthier4U Vending Machines. 350 total item capacity–20 snacks and 9 beverages! Cashless payment options. Remote monitoring by GREENLITE gives real-time sales and monitoring via phone or computer. Selling due to FT job obligations. PROFITABLE ROUTE with all machines placed on locations, can keep placements or easily expand to other locations. Will train for 3 fills, if necessary. Route grossed over $25,700 in 2019. Check out Healthier4U website and see what these machines with placement cost brand new! ***ASKING ONLY $19,999!!!!! $16,999!!
Healthier 4 U vending machine
NEW JERSEY TURNKEY PROFITABLE BUSINESS OPP! 11 Naturals2Go healthy vending combo snack/drink machines (only 4 years old) at 9 excellent locations handpicked by owner with solid established relationships. All machines accept all forms of payment including cash, credit card, Apple pay and Android pay. All inventory can be monitored on real time from any location. Excellent opportunity for those who wish to improve their financial independence, be your own boss, own your first business or add to your existing portfolio.
-All current inventory as well as bins, containers, change counter, spare parts, etc.
-Machine operations manuals
-Hand on familiarization training
-Technical training (software, payment processing, running reports, etc.)
-Face to face meeting with representatives at each location
Asking only $115k for entire business!!
Broward County, Florida
Broward County, Florida Vending Route for sale! 5 location route for sale. 8 machines operating. 5 Drink, 2 Snack, 1 Combo. All are newer machines equipped with cashless payment options. Route generates approximately $2500 per month gross during Covid. Was generating between 3K and 4K pre-covid. Revenue has started to go up again due to the economy reopening. All machines are located in central and south Broward County in Florida. You can have all my spare parts including hand truck and leftover inventory if you purchase. Asking only 15K for everything!! SOLD!!
Dallas, Texas
ESTABLISHED VENDING ROUTE FOR SALE DALLAS TEXAS, ONLY $20,000!! 16 Vending Machines on locations in Dallas, Texas. 10 Snack and 6 Drink. All machines in great working condition. Also, 7 machines in warehouse; 1 Frozen, 2 Snack, 4 Drink. SELLING ENTIRE BUSINESS FOR ONLY $20,000!!MUST SELL BY OCT 25th!! Established vending business since 2011. Take over business right away. SOLD!!
Newark, Delaware
Healthy Vending Route for Sale – Newark DE and surrounding areas. Profitable and well rounded route can easily be expanded upon or added to current routes. Healthier4U combos and AMS combo machines. Gross Sales – 95,000 per year!!! Asking $175,000.Must transfer card readers and software to your business. SOLD!!
Healthy Vending Machines
Wichita, Kansas
Vending Business/Route for sale in Wichita, Kansas!! 9 established locations.Includes Vending Machines along with bill counters, coin counters, etc. These vending machines are in good condition. SOLD!!!

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