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Office Coffee Service

The Office Coffee Service eBook©  An Ebook on How to Start an Office Coffee Service Business…
Are you ready to start your own Office Coffee Service Breakroom Business?
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This “Office Coffee Service” Ebook includes: How to start a coffee service in the following types of high traffic locations:

  • Small businesses,
  • Corporate offices,
  • Industrial Warehouses,
  • Auto Shops.
  • and many, many more locations.

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This OCS ebook contains many pages of valuable information about the Office Coffee Service industry & how you can start and operate your very own OCS Coffee Service Business!!

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An OFFICE COFFEE SERVICE company provides offices with a supply of; hot beverages, coffee, coco, tea, also including the coffee brewer machine(s), plastic cups, creams, milk, sugar, stirrers, and additional products if needed such as espresso coffees, cappuccinos, instant soup mixes, etc.

A coffee service is offered to businesses, corporate offices, industrial warehouses, auto shops and so many more locations.



CHAPTER 1 – Introduction, FAQs, Business Planning Basics 101, Taxes, Deductions, Licenses, Insurance.

CHAPTER 2 – Types of Machines, Brewers and Coffee, Condiments, other Products and Supplies.
CHAPTER 3 – Record Keeping, Blank Contract Agreements, Types of Fees, How do I Make Money?, Finding Locations, Location Evaluation, Location Call Script.
CHAPTER 4 – Dictionary of the Office Coffee Service Industry, Your Quiz for Business Success!

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