CoolBlu Is Latest To Achieve NAMA Certification With TriTeq

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Operators require standardized monitoring system across micro-markets

TriTeq Lock & Security LLC, a solution provider of electronic locks and monitoring technology in vending and micro-market retail, today announced the NAMA certification of the FreshIQ retrofit lock for CoolBlu from Premium Products Group, LLC (PPG).  PPG a leading-edge manufacturer of coolers designed for micro-market applications.  

The TriTeq FreshIQ lock provides a connection to FreshTraq, a cloud-based monitoring system for cooler and freezers offering alerts and remote capability to lock or unlock doors.  PPG has received feedback from some prominent micro-market operators that non-compatibility with FreshTraq would be a hindrance to sales. “Our team has been working to sell CoolBlu coolers to several large operators and the stumbling block was the lack of interface to the TriTeq FreshTraq monitoring system,” said Tom Vogt, President of PPG.  “Operators rely on FreshTraq for service notifications which allow them to take immediate action to keep a market open and prevent a service call.  The FreshIQ lock interface to FreshTraq gives CoolBlu the opportunity to offer this technology and show how our superior design and performance can help the operator.  PPG is proud to partner with TriTeq to provide this additional benefit to our customers”   

The CoolBlu cooler is the first of its kind in the marketplace today. CoolBlu offers the ability to change the same cooler from a Food Cooler to a Beverage Cooler in 8 seconds or less (no tools needed). CoolBlu coolers are sold through a professional network of distributors and brokers across the U.S.  

TriTeq’s FreshIQ with CoolBlu makes for the eighth certification of unique manufacturers of coolers and freezers. The FreshIQ retrofit health lock was previously certified with Habco, Imbera, Liebherr, Mimet, Minus Forty, Royal and True.  The FreshIQ fits onto any single door cooler and freezer regardless of manufacturer.  A double door health lock version with the option for FreshTraq is also in wide use. 

“TriTeq is committed to food safety-related products with technology that is simple to install and easy to diagnose for service. Our FreshTraq on-site monitoring systems are state-of-the-art and provide remote diagnostics, locking and unlocking from a computer or smartphone.  We are proud to expand our market offering with CoolBlu to provide remote monitoring technology on new and existing refrigeration products.” said William Denison, Chief Executive Officer, TriTeq Lock & Security. 

About Series 2000 FreshIQ Health Timer Locks: 

Available for both single and double door models, the NAMA certified and NSF compliant FreshIQ provides the ability to add a health lock to older refrigeration models or new products. 

About FreshTraq Temperature Monitoring and Remote Lock/Unlock:  

Launched in March 2017, FreshTraq continuously monitors your refrigeration equipment and allows you to control your entire operation remotely. 

  • Save time and money by eliminating trips to your micro market. 
  • No more guessing how your refrigeration equipment is performing. 
  • Always know the exact temperature of your equipment.
  • Pre-set a time to lock and unlock refrigeration for pantry applications.

About TriTeq Lock & Security: 

TriTeq Lock & Security, LLC is a premier food safety technology provider in the unattended retail industry. TriTeq has been delivering the world’s most accurate and reliable electronic latching and security systems for over 20 years.  

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