SnackDot Payment App Allows Operators To Offer Micro Markets With Little Overhead 

snackdot-marketsSnackDot, a vending services provider in San Antonio, Texas, has created software that allows refreshment service operators to provide micro markets with considerably less investment than other micro markets. No proprietary hardware is needed. Operators pay a low monthly fee with no other startup costs.

Once an operator subscribes to the SnackDot service, they can place an iPad tablet running the SnackDot Kiosk app, or a QR code sign near their product display. Customers can then check out on the iPad or download the SnackDot mobile app on their mobile device to check out. Upon first checkout, customers establish accounts that allow them to pay using their credit cards.

“Our software is the most affordable and I think most innovative micro market software on the market right now,” says Chris Turner, company owner. “You can start a SnackDot market with our software with zero upfront investment. All they (operators) have to do is print our checkout sign, put it out by their product display, and people will download our app, and they’ll use their phone to make the purchase.”

“If you got a box of snacks from Sam’s Club and you put it on a shelf in your office, and you signed up for our service, and you print out our checkout sign, you’re in business,” Turner says.

“You don’t have any money outlay except the snacks and our subscription fee.”

snackdotOperators using SnackDot are serving business locations with as few as 10 or as many as 1,000 employees, which demonstrates the flexibility of the system. SnackDot is especially attractive because it allows operators to go into smaller locations and be profitable quickly. For large locations, multiple SnackDot markets can be set up in break areas around the building.

No product barcode scanning is required and customers can check out in as little as 10 seconds.

There is also a loyalty system.

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