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Getretailtech Warehouse Management System can be used for your online, vending machine and offline sales, with affordable and smart software as service. GetRetailTech is an efficient software that can increase your profit in ways you can only imagine, cut your management costs and increase sales. This Cloud Warehouse Management System can help you scale up at low costs, even more so in tough business environment. Prices start from $35 per month. Start free trial now
Jinpin’s Hi-Tech Smart Sale Systems 2.0 is a full-featured VMS solution that supply one-stop management for a variety of Vending machines. Different Brands, Countries, Manufactures, and Models. Such as Coffees machines, Beverage machines, Popcorn machines, Pizza machines, Fresh squeeze orange juice machines, and so on. 100% of machines in the market can be connected easily without hardware modification. From warehouse to field, area to route, flexible commodity setting, remote monitoring and control, shipments and replenishment, powerful data analysis and statistical functions, bring great convenience to your entire operation. Visit
Phone: +8613810022193
Microtronic is the world leader in affordable Integrated Stored Value technology. Total offline RFID solutions. Switch from Debitek easily! Little or no monthly fees while still offering optional Credit Card acceptance for your customers. We now offer a new online Vending / Cell phone app interface to allow you to market to your specific customers with full telemetry capabilities. Visit website: or call to schedule your online demonstration.
Toll Free: 800-879-3586
Phone: 336-869-0429
My Vend Track is an easy and affordable vending machine management solution! Our system is very easy to setup and use and the best part is the first 14 days are totally FREE!  With our mobile web app you can take My Vend Track with you anywhere you go! Visit our website at today!
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Parlevel Systems is a full-featured VMS solution that delivers real-time visibility into your vending, micro market and office coffee service operations. From warehouse to field, you’ll have access to detailed data and analytics that provide a 360 degree view of your business. Information that you can use to revolutionize your operations through powerful features like pre-kitting and intelligent route optimization. Parlevel works seamlessly with the latest generation of vending machines and can be used to retrofit older generation machines, delivering 100% coverage across your entire operation.
Parlevel Systems
Premier Data Software infuses business and technical knowledge into our software design, providing efficient, innovative and continuously enhanced Enterprise Management software development. We have dedicated cluster groups targeted at three specific industries including Amusement and Coin-Operated Vending.
Phone: 800-720-3282
Local: 217-528-9000
Fax: 217-528-4272
VendSoft is a powerful web-based vending management software targeted at small and medium vending machine operators. It will help you manage your vending business and reduce your expenses.
Phone: +1 657-208-9049
VendSys has set a new standard for vending management systems. We’ve built a better model from the ground-up, with software, handhelds, remote monitoring, and cashless transactions in a single unit. This affordable, Internet-based solution finally brings the benefits of breakthrough vending technology to operators of any size. Visit VendSys.
VendSys Software
Phone: (512) 263 9603