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Chewy Chews Dog Food Vending

After two years of success in the Australian Market, with more than 95 locations all around Australia, Chewy Chews has expanded to the USA. CK9 Pet Products is the USA national distributor helping Chewy Chews expand their brand into the US market.

Chewy Chews is a premium dog treat company that offers a delicious selection of healthy treats that cater to all breeds, of any size with a wide range of health conditions. Veterinary recommended, human grade, 100% natural with no preservatives or additives, whatsoever.

View their range of specially selected packs & save. Looking for training treats, long lasting chewy treats, sample packs or health related packs? They have the right pack for you. Spoil your most loyal four legged friend.

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Samantha and Massimo Guida have launched Australia’s first vending machine business selling premium dog treats.
Samantha and Massimo Guida Founders of Chewy Chews
Chewy Chews Dog Treats for Vending

Vet Recommended!

“I highly recommend Chewy Chews as all their treats are made of quality single ingredient meats without any additives that will add nutritional value to your pets diet.”DR. THIAGO, NEWSTEAD VETS

Shipping Chewy Chews products and vending machines internationally and in USA! Call 816-890-8982.

Chewy Chews Dog Treat Vending Machines

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