Coffee Distributing Corp

Coffee Distributing Corp is the New York Tri-State Area’s largest office refreshment service company.

And they are still growing—expanding our product lines and broadening our service capabilities to ensure the complete satisfaction of our 20,000+ clients.

Give Kombucha a Try, Bucha Waiting For!

Posted May 21, 2021 by Samantha Palazzolo

Bucha Waiting for! What is Kombucha? Kombucha (kuhm·boo·chuh) is a fermented tea that is often described as a fizzy sweet-and-sour beverage. It was first brewed in China and then slowly became popular all over the world. The United States quickly hopped on the kombucha trend due to its reputation as a health and energy drink!… Read more »

Stress Reducing Snacks & Beverages

Posted May 18, 2021 by Samantha Palazzolo

Indulge in these snacks and beverages while also reducing stress! As hard as we try to avoid stress, sometimes it can be unavoidable. Instead of fighting your stress, try out some of our many stress reducing snacks and beverages! Beverages Matcha– This vibrant green tea powder is popular among health enthusiasts because it’s rich in… Read more »

Coffee Distributing Corp

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