Coronavirus Tests Are Now Available At California University

Corona Virus Testing Vending MachineEmployees and students at the University of California San Diego now have an easy way to take a Coronavirus test because the University has begun distributing Coronavirus self-tests, via vending machines, at eleven locations across the University campus. 

Choosing vending machines to distribute Coronavirus tests is a fast and convenient way to get the self-administered nasal-tests in the hands of employees and students because everyone is familiar with vending machines and they can now get a Covid-19 test conveniently.  

Part Of The University ‘Return To Learn Program 

Universities across the United States, including the University of California, have been mostly shut down, or focused on remote learning, for much of the past year due to Covid-19.  

Thanks to the self-administered Coronavirus tests, it is possible that more students can return to on-campus learning with confidence knowing that campus employees and students have easy access to Covid-19 tests. 

How Do The Tests Work? 

Once a student or university employee gets one of the Covid-19 tests, they take the self-administered nasal test conveniently and return the test within 72 hours to a dropbox that’s located next to the vending machine. 

Students who live on campus are now required to take a Covid-19 test every week. The good news is that test results are typically available in 48 hours via the UC San Diego app, so a student doesn’t have to be left wondering if they have Coronavirus or not. 

Thanks to its proactive strategies for testing Covid-19, the university has been able to keep its positivity rates far below the national average. This is good news for other universities across the United States that may be considering a similar Covid-19 testing strategy so that they can reopen campuses as well. 

For more information about the University of California Covid-19 vending machines visit the university website at 

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