1,500 Bitcoin ATM’s To Be Installed In El Salvador by Athena ATM

Athena Bitcoin ATM
To use an Athena Bitcoin ATM you must verify your identity using your cellphone.

As the awareness of Bitcoin ATMs continues to grow worldwide, it’s no surprise to hear about Bitcoin ATMs being installed in some of the most remote destinations in the world.

Thanks to Athena Bitcoin, the country of El Salvador is going have 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs spread out across their nation, particularly at locations where residents receive funds wired to them from other countries on a regular basis.

This is exciting news for El Salvador, especially since Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, is committed to making Bitcoin a major part of his country’s economy.

Machines Will Be Installed In Phases

Although their goal to install 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs across El Salvador is ambitious, Matias Goldenhorn, Athena Bitcoin’s director for Latin America said that the company knows there are going to be challenges ahead and that’s why they will be installing the Bitcoin ATMs in phases.

There is a huge demand for Bitcoin in El Salvador now, especially since the country passed a bill recently making Bitcoin legal tender. This law will officially go into effect in September and it’s easy to see why El Salvador is quickly becoming one of the hotspots for Bitcoin ATM’s in the world.

More Bitcoin ATM Companies Coming To El Salvador?

Once the news of Athena ATM’s commitment to installing 1,500 Bitcoin ATM’s spread, other Bitcoin ATM companies around the world also began to make plans to open up offices in El Salvador.

Chainbytes, a Whitehall PA-based Bitcoin ATM company has also expressed an interest in installing Bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador as well, including building a manufacturing hub too.

Will other countries see a similar rollout of Bitcoin ATMs? That’s anyone’s guess but if the 1,500 Bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador prove to be a success, the answer could be yes.

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