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CBD VENDING MACHINES! CBD VENDING KIOSKS! CBD (HEMP Product) vending machine suppliers listed here. Please contact these CBD vending suppliers direct for more information about their vending machine details & pricing.
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AnytimeCBD– Consumers who are hurting from excessive stretching at the gym, chasing kids at the park or experiencing the general aches of aging and general stress can turn to AnytimeCBD. With a broad range of CBD products including roll-ons, creams, capsules, drops and patches, AnytimeCBD offers the perfect products for common everyday aches. In addition to CBD product, the company builds small footprint vending machines with eye-popping graphics to stimulate impulse sales and generate greater profits per square foot in any vending environment. Visit www.anytimecbd.com, or Call 800-729-1223.
CBD Vending Machine
Phone: 800-729-1223
Grasshopper Kiosks LLC, a provider of automated retail solutions, has introduced a digital shopping kiosk for CBD products that offers management software, provides age and identity verification, integrates with major point-of-sale software and complies with state and local government regulations for the rapidly growing CBD industry. https://grasshopperkiosks.com
Grasshopper CBD Kiosk
We solve the 3 biggest problems retailers have to carry CBD products. Education, theft (both from the consumer and the employees) and age verification. We manufacture freestanding kiosks which are a comprehensive, cashless unattended retail solution for selling items that require local, state or federal regulatory compliance, including the hemp and CBD markets, while providing a safer way to receive payment with lower risk of fraud. Kiosks include connection to an operator’s own network for data reporting, multiple options for age verification, dedicated monitors to stream videos as well as capture customers and generate ad revenue, and customized brand wraps to help individual brands stand out. RFID technology provides vending operators with secure, real-time data and inventory protection. Rewards programs and discount codes are available. Visit https://www.retailautomatedconcepts.com/
RAC CBD Vending Kiosks
Phone: (619)721-4955
Wemp Smart CBD Vending Machine – Wemp is a CBD product distribution machine featuring the latest technologies. With its touch screen interface it has unlimited possibilities and it allows the sale of more than 80 different products 7 days a week, 365 days a year! https://wempvending.com
Wemp Vending Machine