JuiceBot, A Robotic Fresh Juice Vending Machine

Juicebot vending machineJuiceBot, the world’s first-ever robotic juice vending machine, keeps light and heat oxidation out, and freshness in for really amazing fresh juice ready at the push of a button. Serving 100% fruit and vegetable juices. No added preservatives or chemicals to extend shelf-life.  An automated self-service juice vending machine that combines the quality and customization of a juice bar with the convenience of packaged juice.

JuiceBot’s story began in 2014 from a vision to create equal opportunity in access to healthy foods. Seeing unhealthy eating habits dominate the lives of millions, JuiceBot designed a smooth delivery system to provide ease in accessibility. Being healthy is not a simple task, but they are committed to simplify that for all through our innovative design, efficient supply chain and desire to collaborate with local communities.

From farm to kitchen to Bot, fruits and veggies are kept in their truest form.

Ordering juice has never been this easy. Simply choose from the 4 pre-mixed flavors of cold-pressed juice or mix any of them together to customize. Choose your cup size and pay with any major credit and debit card, ApplePay or Google Pay. Voila! Watch your cup being filled with delicious and nutritious juice.

The juice is kept fresh in the high-tech juice storing compartment and protected against exposure to light and heat once it is in the Bot. Its freshness levels are also monitored remotely.

The JuiceBotJuiceBot recognized the need to go cashless due to the inherent danger of handling raw foods – employees stocking the machines with fresh ingredients should not be handling cash.

By implementing USAT’s Quick Connect, the company has been able to remedy this situation without having to expand operations or create its own cashless payment points. The company can now quickly connect its specialty vending machines to the ePort Connect service for processing, reporting, loyalty and more.

“Our goal is to leverage technology to rethink the distribution challenges that fresh food companies face, while expanding the reach of juice bars and creating cash and cashier-less convenience for customers on the go,” said Kamal Mohamad, founder and CEO, JuiceBot.  “USA Technologies has one of the most advanced payment systems on the market for vending. The company’s expertise and commitment to service allows us to focus on our core competency, increasing affordability and access to 100 percent organic foods and beverages.”

For more information visit: http://www.thejuicebot.com/, email: contact@juicebot.com

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