Classic Delight Sandwiches, Yum!

What a variety of great tasting sandwiches! Classic Delight, Inc. makes Subs, Classic Sandwiches and even Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches! Classic Delight produces sandwiches and wrapped goods for a variety of purposes, including vending machines, micro markets, grocery stores and convenience stores. These high quality sandwich products are sold all throughout the USA.

Classic Delight Sandwiches

In demand right now are these 12″ subs in a variety of flavors including Italian, Ham & Cheddar, American Hoagie & Roast Beef with Provolone, Peppers & Onions. The newest addition to the mix is a great Turkey & Pepperjack sub.

Classic Delight produces premium quality products under the strictest food safety procedures. Our SQF temperature-controlled production facility is USDA, FDA and US Army inspected and approved.

Classic Delight was a front runner in producing “Modified Atmosphere Packaged” (MAP) sandwiches for sale through the nation’s major supermarket chains. This is an option that provides you with an extended shelf life.

The company offers sandwiches available under there own label or they can create sandwiches to your specifications under your label (private label).

For more information on details and pricing visit, 513-479-5539,