LAI Games HYPERpitch Ready for Opening Day

Dallas, April 1, 2021 – Premiere manufacturer LAI Games announces that its baseball-themed HYPERpitch is in stock and available in time for Opening Day. As the excitement mounts for Major League Baseball, players will want to challenge their friends to a baseball-themed pitching contest. The most recent winner of the AMOA Innovator Award, HYPERpitch is a must-have in any venue’s sports corner.

Hyper Pitch Game

HYPERpitch continues to be installed in premiere locations around the globe, including Round 1 and Dave & Busters. Players can go solo or head to head, with three attempts to pitch the ball at the bullseye. Scoring is based on a combination of speed and accuracy which levels the playing field and gives the game its fun, competitive angle. Dynamic lights chase the ball down the HYPER TunnelTM while explosive sound effects create a sensation of power as the ball hits the target. Equally rewarding to play individually or with a friend, this ticket redemption game creates a social competitive atmosphere that draws a crowd and gets players lining up for their turn.

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