Moving Equipment Suppliers for Vending Machines

MOVING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS to help you move your vending machines and heavy items. Hydraulic lifts, fork lifts, tail gates, hand dollies, stair climbers and more! Please contact the moving equipment supply companies direct that are listed below.
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Since 1982, business owners have used Airsled’s patented hovercraft-like low pressure air film moving technology to easily move large items such as vending machines, gaming devices, appliances and more without the need to hire outside moving companies. The technology means quicker moves with less manpower, and reduced risk of injury or damage to the machine or the floor. Unlike high air pressure solutions that require compressed air, Airsled products only need access to a standard household electrical outlet for power, making them incredibly easy and convenient to use. Visit
Airsled Vending Machine moving equipment
Phone: 800-247-7533
Airtow Drop-Deck Trailers are always-level, non-tilting, ground-level loading trailers with self adjusting air suspension that generate revenue, eliminate injuries and save valuable time!
“Where high-quality and value to the customer is our main consideration.”
Phone: 800-479-7975
Anthony Lift Gates – hydraulic tailgate suppliers for trucks. Contact Mark.
Anthony Lift Gates ATU
Phone: 800-482-003
Carts Blanche, LLC is the first to market with “Mobile Automated Retail Stores”. Carts Blanche has designed six innovative models of “Mobile Automated Businesses”. Our unique product portfolio of small businesses include, VendaCarts, VendaMarts, VendaPromotions, VendArcades, VendaBanks and VendaWorks. Please visit website:, or Call 1-251-486-5852 for more information & pricing.
Mobile Vending Machines, VendaCarts
Phone: 251-786-5852
Elkay Products – of Springfield, New Jersey is your number one resource for Appliance Trucks, Moving Pads, Dollies, Hand Trucks and all Material Handling Products since 1929.
Phone: 800-631-7351
Local: 973-376-7550
LectroTruck Stair Climbing System, Lifting & Moving Equipment
Phone: 800-619-0625
Magline Sells Dollies, handtrucks, platform trucks, dock equipment, USA & International sales.
Phone: 800-624-5463
Fax: 517-879-5399
Monalift Inc
Monalift is the most versatile lifting machine on the market today! With the Monalift one person can safely lift objects that would normally require two to eight people.
Phone: 1-866-966-2527
Fax: 307-366-2547
Tommy Gate – Manufacturer of America’s top quality hydraulic liftgates for over 30 years. Tommy Gate Co builds liftgates to accommodate most light to medium-duty applications. Whether you are looking for a liftgate for your pickup truck, flatbed, stake or van body, service body, dump truck, Sprinter or cargo van, we have a range of Tommy Lifts to fit.     
Phone: 800-543-8428
Xtra-Lift – Vending Delivery Just Got Easier! The complete X-Tra-Lift pick-up loading devices are a giant leap in the truck accessory market. With the use of advanced engineering and the use of aesthetically pleasing materials the X-Tra-Lift will make your pick-up truck more useful.
Phone: 800-321-3741