Are Your Vending Machines On 5G?


5G has been gradually rolling out nationwide since April of 2019 and this means only one thing, we’re getting close to more 3G and 4G networks being shut down as 5G becomes the new standard across the United States. 

What exactly is 5G? It stands for the fifth generation of wireless internet, and this means that the 5G network is going to be up to 100 times faster than 3G and 4G networks currently are.  

The advancement of 5G networks nationwide also means that operators can expect more network reliability, less latency, and the ability to have more efficient vending machines than ever before. 

About 5G Devices By OptConnect 

With OptConnect, operators can have peace of mind in knowing that their machines are always connected to the fastest network so that if one network is struggling, their Mylo router will switch to an alternate network so that the vending machine will always be connected. 

Mylo dual-carrier router is also an ideal solution for POS and ATMs and other machines that can be adversely affected by slower internet speeds. 

Besides their Mylo Router, OptConnect also offers a variety of routers and modems including their Neo2, Ema, Solo 2, and OC-4500 router. 

OptConnect – A Leader In Fully Managed Connectivity  

As we get closer to summer 2021, it’s likely the race to launch more 5G networks across the United States is only going to get more intense as carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile work hard for 5G to be available everywhere. 

For vending operators, this means that now is the right time to get their machines ready for 5G, if they haven’t been updated with 5G capable routers already. 

OptConnect offers operators the hardware that they need for all of their machines to be 5G compatible including a full suite of managed services. 

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