Gourmet In Box, Using Cryrogenics to Preserve Food for Hot Meal Vending

Gourmet In Box Machine

Gourmet in Box offers a contactless vending machine, consumers have access to freshly prepared, sealed meals, that come out hot, and ready to eat once the meal has been ordered.  

About Gourmet In Box 

Made by SmartVendtec, and their partnership with Sealedmeals, this vending machine does live up to the expectation of offering gourmet restaurant-quality meals in a box because it offers a variety of delicious meals including: Thai Style Curry, Turkey Chili, Tex Mex Rice, Pasta Primavera, and Korean Inspired Braised Beef. 

What’s unique about this vending machine is that its meals are preserved via cryogenic preservation, making it possible for them to last for up to 120 days after production. 

The machine is kept sterilized via ozone disinfection so that consumers who utilize this vending machine can have peace of mind in knowing that they are protected from COVID-19 and other bacteria as well. 

State Of The Art Technology 

Besides offering delicious meals, this vending machine also delivers in other areas as well including: 

  • It’s 100% contactless
  • Features cloud-based functionality 
  • Remote intelligent temperature control 
  • Surround Steroeair Cooling 
  • Variable Centrifugal Fan 
  • Advanced Water-Cooling System 
Gourmet In Box

Once ordered, meals are reheated in 60 seconds, and ready for consumers to enjoy, without them having to take the meal home to reheat themselves.  These days, the market for freshly prepared meals has only increased as more restaurants have been closing in recent years.  

Thankfully, with this 24hr iGourmet Kitchen technology, consumers can still eat fresh, even during these changing times.  

For more information about Gourmet In Box, visit their website at https://gourmetinbox.com, or email info@smartvendtec.com.