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In 2021, most people carry with them a camera in their pockets which gives them the ability to take both pictures and videos but even though we have this convenience, there still is a need and demand for physical photos like there was 50 years ago. 

Thanks to Photo-Me, consumers now can conveniently have their pictures taken for any purpose and have them developed on the spot. 

Photo-Me makes it possible for businesses to have the ability to take advantage of the demand for photographs and prints because it’s as simple as a consumer setting in the booth to have their picture taken then they can have it developed for them instantly.  Gone are the days of having to wait for pictures developed since with Photo-Me they are developed instantly and consumers can also use Photo-Me to print photos from their phones as well. 

21st Century Photo Booth 

Besides offering consumers a convenient way to take photos for their passports and other needs, Photo-Me is also an ideal way for vending operators to generate revenue because it can also be placed at high-traffic locations like on beach boardwalks, amusement parks, or anywhere there might be a demand for pictures. 

Having a great picture makes a memory and people don’t always have their phones with them to capture the moment. With Photo-Me, anyone who uses this photo booth can have a creative picture taken with a friend or loved one to remember a special day and they can take that photograph home with them. 

Sustainable Development 


Yes, Photo-Me offers a fast and easy way for consumers to get the photos that they need but these machines are not just an easy way to get photos, they are also designed with sustainable development in mind. 

Each Photo-Me machine is designed to save the most energy possible and is equipped with an energy standby system which allows the system to go into hibernation mode when not in use. 

Photo-Me® worked hand in hand with Her Majesty’s Passport Office to develop a photo transfer solution that makes passport renewal easier and simpler. Visit one of our photo booths to get a professional digital ID photo for your online passport application. Your photo will be printed in just a few seconds, along with a code that you can enter in your online passport application to attach your digital photo directly to your application.

Photo-Me®’s face-recognition software ensures that customers’ ID photos meet the 75 criteria required by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) to ensure a viable passport photo.


Their flagship photobooth has been conceived by the legendary French designer Philippe Starck. Eye-catching, stylish and fun, this is passport photos and much more: your customers can create pop art photos, postcards and seasonal themes, and upload the results to social media such as Facebook. This booth is equipped with exclusive Photo-Me® software to enable real-time checking and ensure that customers’ passport photos will conform to the Passport Office standards.

The Photo-Me® by Starck photo booth can be used for passport photos, driving licence photos, railcards and Student IDs, as well as fun photos.

  • Camera : 5 million pixels
  • Print speed: 8 seconds
  • Print format: 10×15 cm
  • External screen: 32”
  • Internal Touch Screen: 17”
  • Payment options: Coin and bill acceptor with/without change giver and optional credit card reader

Mini Kisbooth – Where space is at a premium, the Mini Kisbooth is the answer. This modern and sleek photo booth offers the latest digital technology with integrated Photo-Me® software to enable real-time checking and ensure that customers’ passport photos will conform to the Passport Office standards.

  • Grab bar option for people with reduced mobility
  • Camera : 5 million pixels
  • Print speed : 29 seconds per print
  • Print format : 10×15 cm
  • Payment options : Coin mechanism and bill acceptor
  • Screen : 18.5” touch screen

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