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Vendors Exchange

Vendors Exchange International offers an excellent resource for vending operators who are searching for parts for their machines. They offer parts for a wide variety of vending machines including coffee vending machines, condiment stands, frozen treat vending machines and mart vending machines. 

All Of The Solutions That Your Vending Business Needs  

Not interested in vending machine parts? Maybe you want to refresh your vending machine with a new door instead?  VEII has got you covered! They also offer a wide variety of revision doors that can be purchased for a fraction of the actual cost of replacement. 

The company is also an NEI-certified service center that specializes in repairing most models of bill validators, coin mechanisms, credit card readers, and control boards.  

Vendors Exchange International takes pride in making their vending operator clients look good because they know that when a vending machine doesn’t work properly, it’s not earning money for the operator.

Cafe Curve VEII Refurbished

Besides specializing in parts and repair, VEII also is a renounced in the vending industry as well since they have taken older vending parts and machines over the years and turned them into solutions that help vending routes grow. 

Contact Vendors Exchange International 

For over 60 years, Cleveland OH-based Vendors Exchange International has been a leader in high-quality, value-based solutions for the vending industry, ranging from re-manufactured vending equipment to replacement parts, graphics to electronic repair.  

To see if they have the parts that you need for your vending machine, or to speak with them about their services, visit their website at or call (800) 321-2311.