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iClean Dog Wash Classic

The iClean Dog Wash Classic is an offspring of the original Dog Wash, of which hundreds are already operating worldwide. iClean International has improved and redesigned the original Dog Wash and updated it with car wash-quality components and an 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size) with a lot of extra functionalities.

“We can proudly say that the iClean Dog Wash is the
most advanced dog wash in the world!”

A big pet store chain from the United Kingdom approached us with the request to incorporated our premium quality Dog Wash technology in a new Dog Wash model with a luxurious look and feel. At iClean Dog Wash: customer is king! So we put our engineers to work. We equipped the new iClean Dog Wash Spa with a Spa style panel designs and wooden steps made of Bangkirai rainforest trees. We have various wood, stone & tile designs to customize the Dog Wash unit. If you want us to apply a special color that is a possibility too. iClean Dog Wash Spa: The ultimate Spa experience!
“Experience Dog wellness”

iClean Dog Wash Spa

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