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Wholesale DELI FOOD PRODUCTS Companies and Sandwiches for your vending machines and micro markets. These companies sell deli products and deli sandwiches. Please contact these deli food companies direct for more information about their deli food products & wholesale pricing.
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Deli Food Product Suppliers
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Advance Pierre Foods – New BIG AZ SANDWICH BRANDS for your vending machines and convenience micro markets. Visit
Big AZ Sandwiches
Phone: 800-969-2747
Bridgeford – Deli Foods, Sandwiches, Meat-Snacks, Beef Jerky and Breads for vending machines and foodservice.
Phone: 800-621-4241
Buddy’s Kitchen – grilled sandwiches and croissants, buns, deli-style breads. Visit
Phone: 800-792-5224
Classic Delight – We make great sandwiches!
BIGFOOT SUBS – In demand right now are these 12″ subs in a variety of flavors including Italian, Ham & Cheddar, American Hoagie & Roast Beef with Provolone, Peppers & Onions. The newest addition to the mix is a great Turkey & Pepperjack subs. Visit
Packaged Sandwich Turkey wedge
Phone: 800-274-9828
Fax: 419-394-3199    
DEN’S HOT DOGS – We make two lines of unique, single-serve, heat-and-eat ON the GO hot dogs with different condiments to choose from: Den’s Natural & Gourmet (minimally processed premium beef with NO artificial ingredients or preservatives, NO antibiotics, hormones or gluten on a baguette style bun), available with Mild Chili or Pineapple Chutney toppings; and Den’s Kosher (premium kosher beef frankfurter, baguette style bun and condiments), available with Sauerkraut or Sweet Relish. Visit
Phone: 718-355-9636
Grand Strand Sandwich Co. sells Cold deli sandwiches include: ham and Swiss croissant; ham and cheese on rye; roast beef and Swiss on onion roll; and ham and cheese pita. Hot sandwiches include: cheeseburgers; double cheeseburgers; twin chili cheese dogs; grilled ham and cheese; grilled chicken and Swiss; chicken filet; BBQ pork; sausage dogs; steak and cheese subs; meatball subs; bacon cheeseburger; meatloaf sandwich; spicy chicken sandwich; quarter pounder; and hot dogs. Ask about our Breakfast sandwiches! Retail prices range from $1.50 to $3.00.
Grand Strand Sandwich Company
Phone: (843) 399-2999
Harry’s Fresh Foods, We offer a large selection of soups, chilies, stews, sides, entrees, sauces, gravies and desserts. Our products are packaged for both retail vending machines and food service customers. Each mouth watering morsel is hand-crafted by our team of culinary-trained chefs who prepare all our recipes in small batches. Contact us today for more info.
Phone: 800-307-7687
Local: 503-257-7687
Homeland Baking – Home of the famous Mitchell’s Sausage Rolls! We are a thirty-year-old, local, family owned and operated wholesale bakery and USDA establishment. We produce high quality products at exceptional prices. Some of our more popular items include cheese, jalapeño and Mountain View hotlinks and cheese sausage rolls, as well as assorted cookies and muffins and breakfast sandwiches. Visit 
Phone: 918-342-5852
Rip-N-Ready Foods – Microwave meals with two year shelf life! You can vend our food products from cold food or spiral snack vending machines.
Phone: 800-486-8876
Stefano Foods – Stock your vending machines with these proven, profit making Italian Sandwiches. Microwaveable ethnic sandwiches!
Phone: 704-399-3935
Tyson – Single serve, microwaveable chicken deli sandwiches and much more food products!
Phone: 800-424-4253