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Exciting news for the vending industry: Vending Product News !!!!

Vending Product NewsFrom the creators of and Vending Technology News comes the latest news and information medium for the vending industry – Vending Product News. 

Coming November, with bimonthly issues, Vending Product News will bring over 10,000+ vending, micro market and office coffee service related decision makers to your table. Vending Product News will provide the forum for your message, all you have to do is close the deal. 

Vending Product News will bring our readers the latest up-to-date articles by leading industry experts about product trends – what are the fastest growing product segments today and what products will deliver the best sales for refreshment service operators. 

  • Products that will make vending operators more competitive against convenience stores. 
  • Real-time tracking information which will give operators minute-by-minute data on what’s moving and what’s not, so they can better decide how to make better use of their real estate. 
  • Pricing strategies which have made the most successful operators “king of the hill” while others flounder. 
  • Case studies of vending operators who have made the most of branding and strategizing to grow their businesses. 
  • What operators should seek out when selecting product suppliers. 

…just to name a few. 

You already know us. literally wrote the book on how to be a successful vending operator and was the first company to bring electronic publishing to vending, giving operators the latest industry news without the lag time of a printing press or the post office. Our other successful newsletter, Vending Technology News, was the first to bring technology to the forefront of the vending industry. 

Through our history in publishing technology, we have reduced costs. We are not tied to legacy print publishers, and, therefore, do not have the need to pull money from electronic media to subsidize print. We pass the savings on to you, which greatly reduces your cost per sales contact. 

Now it’s time for Vending Product News. Advertising will be limited to six banner advertisers and one Premium Position content ad per issue, maximizing your exposure among the key vending operators in North America. The cost is pennies per contact, and the reach is just under 10,000 opt-ins. Call or e-mail us to find out more. 

Charter Issue:  November 9th, 2018. 

Materials Deadline: November 7th, 2018. 

Get your products press release and ads in before the first issue on November 9th! Each month we are offering Newsletter Article Sponsorship and Banner ad positions. Limited Space so plan now to join in the excitement!! 

New exciting content articles concerning snacks, foods, beverages, and product trends in the convenience services industry. 

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