Bridgford Original Smokehouse Sausage Sticks – A Protein-Based Snack

Bridgford Smoke House Sticks

In today’s busy world, most people are not getting enough protein. Bridgford Original Smokehouse knows this and that’s why they offer fast, convenient and healthy protein snack in their Sausage Sticks. 

Unlike most other jerky products on the market today, these sausages are not processed with chemicals that cannot be pronounced.  Bridgford only processes their sausage sticks with natural ingredients, spices, vinegar, sea salt, and roasted garlic.  

Not Processed With Nitrates 

Most jerky products in today’s world are processed using nitrates. The good news is that nitrates are not using during the processing of Bridgford Sausage sticks.  These snacks are also a low-carb option for anyone who wants an ideal snack that they can enjoy between meals without jeopardizing their diets.  

Made in Chicago, IL, these sausage sticks have everything that your consumers are looking for in a tasty, salty treat but what’s also ideal is that they come in bite-size bits that can easily be consumed even while on the go. 

An Ideal Anytime Snack 

Bridgford has a long history and making delicious jerky and sausage snacks. Their products have become more in demand in recent years as more people adopt Keto diets to lose weight and live healthier lives. 

What’s also ideal about the company is that they still have the same processing methods that they had over 80 years ago and these methods are continuing to pay off in today’s world as more want tasty products that are also better for them  

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