KITU Super Coffee Offers Vanilla Super Espresso In A Can

Super Coffee Vanilla Expresso

What makes KITU Super Espresso in a can different than other coffee beverages on the market today is that their bold espresso doesn’t contain any sugar, is low in calories, and it contains 180 MG of caffeine per can. 

This vanilla flavored KITU Super Espresso is sweetened with monk fruit, instead of sugar. A high in protein, low calorie and no added sugars. Super Coffee is here to charge your day. Tired of unhealthy coffees and energy drinks? We brewed something better- Super Coffee. High Energy Fuel. Lactose Free Protein. Organic Colombian Coffee

More coffee drinkers than ever before are searching for a healthier coffee, and Super Espresso offers all of the key things that today’s coffee drinker is searching for including Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil.  MCT oil helps the body produce immediate energy while also offering the body healthy oils that are ideal for gut health. 

Another supper ingredient is Milk Protein Isolate, a high quality protein that helps build strength and keeps you feeling full. This coffee beverage is also shelf-stable; and only has to be refrigerated once it’s open. 

With 0 grams of sugar, 10 grams of protein, and only 80 calories per can. Made with plant-based pea protein that contains all nine essential amino acids, healthy fats from MCT oil, and caffeinated coffee, Super Coffee is designed to offer a sustained, jitters-free energy with no crash.

About KITU Super Coffee 

The company originally started in 2015, and appearing on Shark Tank, the team behind Super Coffee has remained committed to producing great coffee that offers tremendous health benefits. 

To learn more about Super Coffee’s, super espresso in a can, visit their website today at