PepsiCo Enters The Hydrating Juice Water Market With Frutly


PepsiCo recently launched a new hydrating juice water product called Frutly, a beverage that’s been created to target health-conscious consumers who want more varieties of fruit water.  Unlike other hydrating juice water products on the market, Frutly has been designed specifically with teens in mind because this beverage is made not to just taste like water with a hint of fruit, it’s made with real fruit juice. 

With only 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar per serving, Frutly certainly is an ideal healthy beverage for anyone to drink who wants to watch how much sugar that they consume on a daily basis.  This beverage is also an excellent source of hydration and it also contains plenty of Vitamin C and E as well, both are key vitamins for today’s active people.

Frutly isn’t PepsiCo’s first time in the fruit water market, the company also has a portfolio of other beverages including IZZE and Lifewater, both popular beverages that have become go-to flavored waters that consumers have come to enjoy in recent years. 

In a recent interview, Anup Shah, vice president, and chief marketing officer, Juice Brands, PepsiCo Beverages North America revealed the reason why PepsiCo brought Frutly to market: 

Having hydrating drinks available that are also shelf-stable remains essential as we all continue to work and learn from home, and Frutly is wellpositioned to serve as a delicious and nutritious option that both teens and their parents can agree on.” 

Frutly retails for $1.29 per 12-oz bottle. For more information about this hydrating water, visit, or call 866-593-7836.