Atlantic Dominion, A Product Distributor Since 1875

Atlantic Dominion Distributors

Are you searching for a product distributor that you can partner with to keep your vending machines and micro-markets stocked with the products that your customers want?  If so, why not consider partnering with Atlantic Dominion Distributors? The company has been in business since 1875 and specializes in supplying products to the vending, micro-market, and office coffee industries. 

Atlantic Dominion is managed by Robin Davis Ray, a great-granddaughter of Leroy W. Davis, the founder of the company, Atlantic Dominion, the company distributes more than 10,000 different products to a wide variety of vending and micro market businesses in North Carolina, Virginia, and other locations along the East Coast.  With a commitment to service that’s second to none, the company has become a ‘trusted partner’ to the vending and micro market industries for decades.  

Their service makes it possible for operators to not have to think about sourcing their products, because they can trust Atlantic Dominion to reliably source the products that their customers want and need. 

Partnerships With Local, Nationwide, And Top Global Brands 

Besides having a longtime track record of success, another ideal reason to partner with Atlantic Dominion is that they also have partnerships with many local, national, and global brands.  This means that operators can have peace of mind in knowing that they can offer top brands like Kellogg’s, Kraft, Hostess, and Nestlé to their customers, while also offering newer brands that may only be available regionally or nationwide as well. 

Atlantic Dominion also offers a club that operators can join to earn manufacturer rebates from the products that they purchase, as well as incentives for participating in trade shows, annual trip programs, and more. 

To learn more about Atlantic Dominion, visit their website at, or call them at (800) 468-6612.