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FritoLay, "Food for the fun of it!" USA and International Sales for FritoLay Snack products!

Phone: 800-352-4477
Having trouble finding healthier snacks and beverages for your vending machines? HealthVend is your answer! now serving the entire USA!
Kettle Brand Potato Chips – Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color. We gently cook our potatoes to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently season them with the freshest, all natural ingredients and spices, creating chips with deep, rich flavors and fresh-from-the-field character.
Pringles® Vending Spiral Program – Pringles® Vending Spiral Program enables you to equip your machines with single and/or double stack spirals to vend Grab n’ Go Pringles® Crisps! When you make a qualifying purchase of Pringles® and commit to placing the spiral in your machines, you’ll receive up to 50 free spirals. Spirals are available for National (models 147 and above) and Automatic Products (AP) machines. Offer expires December 31, 2016. While supplies last. Learn more at