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D.A. Kine Gourmet
DA Kine Gourmet – Hawaiian Gourmet fat free cookies!
Phone: 714-489-5541

Biscomerica is entrenched in the vending industry with a multimillion national distribution, vending specific management, a top level vend specific broker network, and a complete line of some of the highest quality cookies in the industry under various brand names and price points.
Contac us today! www.Biscomerica.com/vending

Phone: 909-877-5997
Fax: 909-877-3593


Discount Coffee offers Cappuccino Cookies! Check out our website at: www.discountcoffee.com
Phone: 212-202-5158

General Mills
General Mills – Brands you know on the Go! Call your General Mills sales rep at 1-800-874-1451.
Phone: 800-874-1451

Healthy Chocolate Products! All products are certified by Brunswick Laborites testing to have the highest antioxidant levels in our Healthy Chocolate products. No preservatives  – refined white sugar – wax – fillers – nor chemicals added. All Natural Cocoa, Acai Berry, Blue Berries etc, and most important Diabetic friendly! Power Cookie, Power Bar, Xe Energy Drink, Plus a variety of Healthy Chocolate products.


Phone: 909-810-0213

Keebler, Cookies and Crackers.
Phone: 800-621-8363

Kraft Vending & OCS is your single, strategic partner devoted to developing business solutions that will build businesses. Our product line brings together every product type – snacks, hot beverages, cold beverages and refrigerated food – under one umbrella of top selling brands. www.Kraftvendingocs.com

Phone: 800-537-9338
Sugar Buster Cookies
Sugar Buster Cookies – Add this "sugar buster" healthy cookie to your vending machine selection!
Phone: 812-33-9939