The Good Crisp – Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Potato Chip

The Good Crisp

Potato chips have been a favorite snack food for countless generations, but over the years, this classic snack has become heavily processed and made with ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. 

Thanks to The Good Crisp Company, potato chips are enjoying renewed interest because their company produces gluten-free, and non-GMO potato chip snacks that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their diet. 

A Gluten-Free, Vegan Snack Food 

Unlike some potato chips these days that require you to Google their ingredients, The Good Crisp makes potato chip snacks that are made from all-natural, vegan ingredients, in a non-GMO manufacturing facility, that doesn’t produce other products that may contain wheat, gluten, peanuts, or shellfish. 

These snacks are sure to appeal to your vending or micro-market customers who are searching for a salty snack, but they don’t want to deal with eating snacks that could potentially cause them stomach discomfort later on. 

With each 5.6 oz canister containing six servings per container, these chips can be described as the perfect snack food for anyone who is on the go including working professionals and students of all ages. 

Great Taste And Good Ingredients 

Some healthy snack foods in the 2020’s are made with excellent ingredients but they lack the familiar flavor that snack food fans know and enjoy. 

Thanks to the Good Crisp, anyone who enjoys snack foods like potato chips can have peace of mind in knowing that these snack chips have excellent flavor while also being healthy at the same time. 

Retailing for $2.83 per 5.6 oz can, the Good Crisp potato chips were created by founder Matthew Parry after he went on a food elimination diet, and found that he wasn’t able to enjoy his favorite snack foods due to their ingredients. 

Since develop[ing his company’s first potato chips, the company has spun those potato chips off into several flavors including outback BBQ, sour cream & onion, and sea salt & vinegar. 

After launching their business in the mid 2000’s, the company has moved their operation from Australia to Boulder CO, so that they can share their healthy snacks, made from sustainable ingredients, with the world. 

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