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Snacks for Vending!Healthy Snacks for Vending Machines and Micro Markets! Contact the Wholesale Healthy Snack Product Companies listed, to find out more information about their Healthy Snack food products and pricing! These wholesale healthy snack suppliers are listed alphabetically by company name. Including: Organic, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, plant based ingredients, and natural based ingredients.
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Audrey’s Chia Cookies were created after I discovered the mighty chia seed while training for a marathon and quickly became a true believer in its superfood power. By adding these nutrient-dense seeds to our crunchy cookies, we created a snack that will fuel the body and satisfy cravings for a sweet, indulgent treat. Our delicious, better-for-you, cookies are an excellent way to treat yourself and everyone you love better. All natural, Non-GMO, Omega-3’s and Antioxidants! Chocolate chip, Almond, and Lemon! Visit
Audrey's Chia Cookies
Phone: 480-357-8313
New BARE SNACKS is a delicious, healthy snack that is all natural baked fruit, low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet! The secret is in our slow bake dried process in apple wood-burning ovens. BARE FRUIT comes in a variety of apple chip and coconut chip flavors.
Phone: 509-554-5550
Local: 360-778-1444
Fax: 360-778-1872
Cheesewich™ Original Salami & Colby Jack. Thanks to the Cheesewich™ Original Salami & Colby Jack, anyone can have a delicious, hearty snack that they can enjoy anytime. Ideal for a Grab and Go meal or snack. This Cheesewich is ready to eat, vacuum packed. 2.5 oz of deliciousness! Contains 15g of Protein, 1% Carbs, 1g Sugar, Gluten-Free. Available in 16 and 24 count caddies. Visit
Cheesewich™ Original Salami & Colby Jack
Phone: 708-458-3100
Conagra is an leading supplier that offers a broad range of trusted brands. Operators have come to depend on brands such as Healthy Choice, Slim Jim, Swiss Miss, and Orville Redenbacher. These and other high-performance Conagra Foodservice brands help energize operators’ business and keep them ahead of industry trends to provide the best products and service to their patrons. For more information, please visit Conagra Brands website.
Conagra Brands
Phone: (877) 266-2472
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EatSmart All-Natural Snacks are always tastier and always better for you. Now, reduce carbs with Soy-Teins. Also a variety of healthy chips, veggie chips, tortilla chips and more!
NICOLE’S GRANOLA REVOLUTION! Our mission statement and motto: “Consistency over time, under pressure”. It doesn’t get any better than this! Try ALL our delicious products: Oats and honey granola; Oats, honey, seeds, and raisins granola; Dark Chocolate Island Coconut granola; Just A Little Kick at The End Snack Mix; Oatmeal Raisin Sensations; Gluten Free Granola; Oats in the Raw; and Specialty Protein Bars! For more information visit
Nichoole's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Granola, Snacks
Phone: (404) 438-4397
New To The Market: KAZE Real Cheese Bites! 100% crunchy cheese. High in protein, low in carbs, great flavor. Perfect for on the go! Kosher certified. Perfect Keto snack. 1 year shelf life. No refrigeration needed. Four great flavors. For more information email
Kaze Cheddar bites
Phone: (646) 210-4537
NU-HEALTH FRUIT is an innovative brand producing delicious & wholesome Fruit in Fruit Juice snacks. Packaging is perfect for vending machines or stores alike. Sold Wholesale throughout USA, Canada and International! Visit website at:
Phone: 800.806.0519
OLD BAY seasoned RED TRUCK Beef Jerky. The iconic seasoning in the red yellow and blue can known and trusted for years on everything from: potato chips, sunflower seeds and beer for almost 20 years is now be on our delicious gourmet Beef Jerky. Visit website to order online!
Red Truck Old Bay Seasoned Beef Jerky