Caveman Coffee Vanilla Cold Brew Latte

Caveman Cold Brew Vanilla Latte

Summer is here; and with months of warm weather ahead, most coffee fans still want to enjoy their favorite beverage, but they don’t want to drink it hot.  Thankfully, with Caveman Coffee’s Vanilla Cold Brew Latte, coffee fans can still enjoy their coffee without having to consume it hot. 

A Better For You Cold Brew Latte 

In today’s world, some cold brew coffees are high in fats, calories, and other ingredients that are hard to pronounce.  Caveman coffees vanilla cold brew latte only has 90 calories, zero grams of sugar and it’s fortified with MCT, salt and protein as well.  

This means that when you’re consuming an enjoyable coffee beverage, you’re also going to enjoy a cold brew iced coffee that’s better for you at the same time. 

Brewed For 12+ Hours  

What most people don’t know about Caveman Coffee is that they take their time to create great coffee by brewing each batch of coffee for more than 12 hours.  For coffee lovers, each can of their cold brew coffee is going to have a strong coffee flavor while also having caffeine that’s the equivalent of consuming about three espresso shots. 

Certified Organic And Dairy Free 

Consumers who want to enjoy an iced latte without having to be concerned about consuming milk will also have peace of mind in knowing that this coffee beverage is certified organic and dairy-free.  Caveman Coffee’s vanilla latte is also ideal for Keto diets, it’s Paleo certified, and what’s most ideal is that this cold coffee beverage is also low acidic too.  

Retailing for $2.90 per 11 ounce can, Caveman Coffee offers the cold coffee beverage that your vending, or micro market, consumers are going to want this summer. To learn about this cold brew coffee, visit their website at