Introducing Simple Slices Apple Chips .75 oz.

siple Slices Apple Chips .75 oz

Gourmet Nut Introduces: Simple Slices Apple Chips. These apple chips are now packaged in .75 ounce single serve package. They are made from Washington State, organic apples, and what’s best of all is that they don’t contain any additives or extra sugar, so you can offer your customers a snack that anyone can enjoy. 

Good For The Brain And Internal Health 

With Simple Slices Apple Chips, this snack food offers consumers multiple health benefits because apple slices provide fiber, which helps the gut; and apples also provide nutrients that are good for the brain as well. 

Grown in the United States, these apples are crinkle-cut after being harvested and then baked to perfection, ensuring that the apple chips in each bag taste fresh and crisp. 

Apple chips are not just an ideal snack because they taste great, the convenient pouches that these chips are packaged in make it possible for anyone to enjoy them, even while on the go, at work, home, or before going to school. 

Multiple Apple Chip Flavors To Choose From 

Never boring, these apple chips are naturally sweet and also come in a variety of flavors including red, green, and cinnamon-flavored apple chips. 

Made by New Jersey-based Gourmet Nut®, the company launched in 2009 with a mission to create healthy snacks that people would come to know and love. 

Since launching their apple chips, and their other snack food brands, the company has received the praise of foodies worldwide because consumers can enjoy these snacks since they don’t have to question what they are putting into their bodies. 

To learn more about Gourmet Nut’s Simple Slices Apple Chips, visit their website at Call 646-663-1880 or email