72 Chocolate Trail Mix 1.5 oz


A Delicious Blend Of Dark Chocolate, Nuts, And Fruits.

Thanks to 72 Chocolate Trail Mix, consumers who are searching for a tasty snack can also enjoy something better for them as well because, this trail mix offers a yummy mix of dark chocolate, nuts, and fruits. 

An Authentic Better For You Snack 

Unlike some snacks on the market that claim to offer ‘health benefits’, 72 Chocolate Trail Mix offers real health benefits because of the nuts and berries that each mix contains.  The chocolate in each 72 Chocolate Trail Mix was developed by chocolatiers, making this trail mix something that’s truly enjoyable and never boring.  

Nothing Artificial In This Trail Mix 

72 Chocolate Trail Mix lives up to expectations because this great-tasting trail mix only contains nourishing ingredients that consumers will feel good about, especially if they enjoy it for breakfast, with lunch, or as a pre-workout snack. 

Their passion for creating great snacks is easy to be seen with the 72 Chocolate Trail Mix and this company doesn’t just stop there, they also offer a java blend and caffeine trail mix blends as well. 

An Indulgent Experience, Without The Guilt 

The 72 Chocolate Collection

With 72 Chocolate Trail Mix, consumers can enjoy this trail mix with peace of mind in knowing that they are consuming something that they won’t have to worry about later. 

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