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Find all types of Wholesale HISPANIC Snacks & Snack Products for vending machines. Please contact the Hispanic Snack Wholesale Company direct for more information about the snack products they are offering. These Hispanic Snack Companies are listed below in alphabetical order by company name.
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El Monterey Food Products – Mexican Foods for your vending machines, single serve and food entrees.
Phone: 800-477-6474
Local: 559-591-5510
FoodserviceDirect.com Search on website for Hispanic snacks and foods. Hispanic Snacks –When you think of Hispanic food, your probably think of large spreads of meat, fish, and poultry that are infused with all sorts of delicious sauces and seasonings. But did you know that there are a number of handy Mexican snacks that are great for a treat anytime?
Phone: 800-425-4679
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Looking for healthy snacks for your business or company? We carry well over 40 lines of product from different companies that sell healthy snack alternatives that are all natural and many organic. We sell both retail and wholesale and act as a distributor for many of our lines. Check us out onine at www.healthysnackstore.com
Phone: 509-468-2898
New Century Snacks -For more than thirty-two years we have been the experts in crafting seasoned nuts and unique trail mixes. We provide a large portfolio of snack products with versatile packaging capabilities. WE BELIEVE in investing in the right people, delivering consumer driven innovation and crafting high quality products to drive category growth.
New Century Snacks
Phone: (323)278-9578
Fax: (323)837-4699