NEW Rind Whole Fruit Snacks

Rind Whole Fruit Snacks

Rind whole fruit snacks are packed with more FIBER, VITAMINS and ANTIOXIDANTS, making them better for you AND the planet.

The secret ingredient in our craveable dried fruit blends is not something we add, but what we don’t subtract — the RIND — the heart of a fruit’s nutritional power.

With one bag of Rind Whole Fruit Snacks, a consumer isn’t just going to enjoy a watermelon or strawberry-flavored snack. They are quite literally going to enjoy the whole fruit and all of the nutritional benefits that come with it since these snacks are made from the rind and peel of the fruit.  

About Rind Whole Fruit Snacks 

Developed by Matt Weiss, he founded the company based on the healthy lifestyle principles that he learned from his Great-Grandma Helen who owned her health food store in Flint Michigan and believed in the power of juicing. 

Like most people who juice, Matt saw his Great-Grandma Helen juice the whole fruit including the peel, rind, and stem because she knew that the real nutrition in juicing comes from not letting anything go to waste.  Matt’s Great-Grandma Helen never let anything go to waste, and neither does he, especially when his company is producing another batch of delicious whole fruit snacks. 

The Right Snack For The 2020s 

Since snacking has been on the rise following Covid-19, consumers have also been eager to enjoy healthy snacks and there’s nothing more ideal than Rind Whole Fruit Snacks.  Besides having a healthy dose of dietary fiber, these snacks also contain more antioxidants and vitamins than other snacks on the market today. 

Since the average consumer also wants to enjoy snacks that are better for them as well, these snacks will certainly appeal to vending and micro-market consumers who want a snack that’s fast, convenient, and easy to consume on the go. 

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