Boost Your Bottom Line With Mondelez Grab N Go Snacks

Mondelez Snacks

Consumers in the 2020s are snacking more than ever before, especially since COVID-19 because many people snack to replace meals, or they snack because they want to enjoy their favorite foods that also provide them with a sense of comfort. 

When a consumer visits a vending machine, they want to find the favorite brands and snacks that they’ve bought in the past.  

This is why it’s more important than ever before for vending and micro-market companies to partner with someone that can provide their customers with the snacks that they know and enjoy. 

With Mondelez, operators can have confidence that they can provide their customers with the snacks preferred treats that they enjoy, at the times of day that they are ready to snack. 

Effective Display Formats That Drive Purchases  

Unlike some companies that only just deliver the snacks, Mondelez also provides effective display formats for vending and micro-markets that will help operators sell more snacks. 

In todays’ world, it’s not just Gen Z that’s snacking, people from all age groups and generations are snacking more than ever before. This means that it’s important for an operator to know who their customers are and make sure that they have the products that their consumers want. 

Mondelez is the top company in the United States that offers eight out of 10 of the number one selling cookie and cracker brands, regardless of what snack a consumer is searching for. 

Snack Foods Or Desserts? Mondelez Has Got You Covered 

Did you know that there was a 33% jump in vending and micro-market locations between 2016-2017? These statistics are almost certainly going to increase, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when more people are utilizing these locations more than ever before because they have been essential businesses. 

Recent Mondelez statistics show that 50% of consumers who snack, head to a vending machine or micro-market to treat themselves, while 26% snack to eat on the go. 

Regardless of why your customers are snacking, it’s important that you can offer them the snack foods that they want when they are ready to buy. 

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