Rowdy Bar – A Superfood Bar That Doesn’t Skimp On Flavor Or Taste

Rowdy Bars

Rowdy Bar is changing the face of the energy bar market because these bars contain healthy ingredients for anyone who wants to eat an energy bar that’s gluten-free, organic, paleo, and better for them than other energy bars on the market. 

An Energy Bar That Tastes Great 

With Rowdy Bar, any consumer who enjoys one of these pre-biotic energy bars can have confidence that they are consuming an energy bar that will fuel their body for a busy day or provide them with more than enough energy for their next workout. 

Contains Organic Ingredients And Essential Protein 

Containing organic ingredients, Rowdy Bars are the right energy bars for anyone who is concerned with gut health or getting the essential protein that their bodies need. Created by Kellie Lee, an outdoor enthusiast, and triathlete, Rowdy Bars can also be enjoyed as a meal supplement, or standalone meal for anyone too busy to eat a healthy meal while on the go. 

Rowdy Bars come in a wide variety of flavors including chocolate cookie dough, sunflower butter, and chocolate coconut cashew.  

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