Chocolate Dipped Stroopwafels By 3Bros Dutch Cookies


Are you searching for a unique treat to offer your vending or micro market customers? If so, why not offer them Stroopwafels, the latest sensational treat by 3Bros Dutch Cookies. 

What are Stroopwafels? They are Dutch cookies that are filled with syrup and are partially dipped in chocolate on the outside. 

3Bros Dutch Cookies offers their Stroopwafels dipped in three different types of Belgian chocolate including white, dark and ruby. This makes them one of the most unique dessert quality treats on the market today. 

Belgian Chocolate Dipped Stroopwafels 

Even though today’s vending or micro market customers still want the time-tested treats from the past like cookies or candy; they want something unique. 

Stroopwafels will get your customers talking about them and coming back for more, especially as they try the three different types of Stroopwafel that are dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate. 

Made In The USA 

Made with no artificial colors, Stroopwafels are well-known in the Netherlands and are finally making their long-awaited appearance in the United States thanks to Georgia-based 3Bros, which produces authentic Stroopwafels, just like those that are made overseas. 

Since 2019, the company has been making Stroopwafels in Georgia and distributing them nationwide. These stroopwafels are slightly crunchy on the outside, and deliciously gooey on the inside. 


Authentic Stroopwafels  

Even though Stroopwafels has been a time-tested dessert in the Netherlands since the 1800s, they haven’t made an appearance in the United States, other than Stroopwafels that are made overseas and shipped to the USA. 

Thanks to 3Bros Dutch Cookies, consumers in the United States can finally enjoy an authentic Stroopwafel because once they are baked, they are shipped fresh, and meant to be eaten within 12 weeks. 

These delicious treats also don’t contain any artificial flavors or preservatives, so your vending or micro market customers can have peace of mind in the quality of the ingredients that they are consuming. 

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