BUBBL’R – Refreshing Sparkling Water With Antioxidants

Bubbl'r Cans

With BUBBL’R sparkling water, drinking water is no longer boring because BUBBL’R is a refreshing twist on water that also offers antioxidants and other health benefits as well. 

Bubbles With Benefits 

One can of BUBBL’R contains no sugar, no artificial flavors, and plenty of vitamins including B and C vitamins.  This is huge, considering that most can drinks on the market today contain at least 25 grams of sugar, and no health benefits, so consuming one can of BUBBL’R offers immediate health benefits compared to one can of soda or artificially sweetened juice. 

Besides containing no artificial colors, sweeteners, or chemicals, BUBBL’R is also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and it’s an ideal drink for anyone who has to watch their glycemic index.  Only 5 calories, per 12 ounce can.

Boosts, Energizes, And Restores Balance 

Since one can of BUBBL’R doesn’t have any sugar or artificial sweeteners, anyone who drinks a can of this sparkling water won’t have a ‘crash’ after they consume it. 

Bubbl'r Cherry Guava

BUBBL’R also comes in a variety of flavors including triple berry, lemon-lime, cranberry grapefruit, pomegranate, passion fruit, and blood orange mango. 

This sparkling water will be the perfect addition to your micro-market or vending machines because BUBBL’R sparkling water is refreshing sparkling water that can be enjoyed anytime, especially with lunches or snacks. 

To learn more about BUBBL’R sparkling water, visit their website at http://www.drinkbubblr.com