PopChips, The Better-For-You Potato Chip


PopChips, offers chips that are not deep-fried, they are heated in a pressurized chamber, a process that’s healthier and better for you as well.  What’s even more ideal about these chips is that they are baked with high oleic oils and seasoned with a mixture of spices and seasonings to give them flavor. 

More Flavor And Chips Per Serving 

Consumers who want to enjoy the iconic crunch and saltiness of a potato chip can have confidence that PopChips will offer them the taste and crunch that they want to go along with their meals, or as a tasty snack. 


When compared to a one-ounce serving of most traditional potato chip brands, PopChips was found to offer less fat and calories, plus more chips per serving. 

About PopChips 


Available in 0.7-ounce and 5,0-ounce packages, PopChips are the chip that can be enjoyed anytime and they are sure to appeal to vending or micro-market customers as well who may be craving chips during their day but don’t want to deal with the calories or man-made ingredients of traditional potato chip brands.  

Besides offering a fresh take on potato chips, PopChips also offer many other snackable options to choose from including grain-free, corn chips, and puffs.  

Yes, these chips are flavorful and have half the fat of other chips on the market. To learn more about PopChips, visit their website at http://www.popchips.com