Novamex Offers Hispanic Soft Drinks

Novamex Hispanic Beverages

Are your vending or micro-market customers growing tired of the beverages that you’ve been offering them? If so, why not consider beverages by Novamex, the leading provider of Hispanic soft drinks in the United States. 

The company offers a variety of new and much loved beverages that have been enjoyed by countless generations of Hispanics in Mexico and the United States.  


A soda that has a delicious tangy flavor and comes in a variety of flavors including the iconic mandarin flavor, strawberry, lime, and tamarino.  

Sidral Mundet  

One of the most well-known Hispanic beverages in the world, Sidral Mundet has been a tradition since 1902. This beverage has a refreshing apple flavor and pairs well with any meal. 

Besides Jarritos and Sidral Mundet, the company also distributes Mineragua, Sangría Señorial, C20, Steaz, and a variety of other natural/organic drinks that are well-known and enjoyed in Mexico and across the United States.  

About Novamex 

Based in El Paso TX, Novamex has built a thriving business in the United States as demand for Hispanic beverages continues to grow. 

Thanks to recent statistics from Insight, we know that roughly 25% of the Hispanic population in the United States consumes fruit drinks or fruit-flavored carbonated beverages.  

With their state-of-the-art bottling facility and world-class warehouse, Novamex is a key strategic partner that companies worldwide have been partnering with for years, to offer Hispanic beverages to their customers. 

Take Advantage Of A Growing Demand 

The demand for Hispanic beverages is only projected to grow as more consumers are discovering the tastes and flavors that beverages like Jarritos offer them. 

Novamex has an established retail team that can assist your business with offering Hispanic beverages to your vending or micro-market customers. 

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