Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels’ 1.5oz, Ideal For Vending

Dots Pretzels 1.5oz

Pretzel consumption has increased in the United States in recent years with more than 181 million Americans consuming them in 2020 alone.

Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels are available in 1.5oz., and 5oz., which are ideal sizes for vending and micro markets. See website for all flavors and the different size packages.

About Dots Pretzels 

Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels are ideal because they have a delicious taste that was originally created in the kitchen of the company founder Dot Henke. 

Since launching her company more than 10 years ago, her pretzels have developed a passionate following across the United States because each bag has a delicious flavor that will also satisfy the salt cravings of anyone who tries them. 

The North Dakota Based company has continued thriving, especially since the Pandemic, since snacking has increased in the United States and more people want to enjoy snacks that don’t have questionable ingredients. 

A Snack That Can Be Enjoyed Anytime  

Available in shareable 5 ounce, and 1.5-ounce bags, Dot’s Pretzels are indeed a snack that can be enjoyed anytime, especially with lunches or as a delicious snack. 

Never boring, these Pretzels are sure to attract the attention of snack food fans to your vending machines or micro-market business because consumers want quality snacks that taste great and can be enjoyed even while they are on the go. 

Besides tasting great, and pairing well with any meal, these pretzels can also be used to add an extra crunch to what you’re backing, or as a unique flavor to your next dinner. 

To learn more about Dot’s Pretzels, visit their website at or call (701) 566-8520.