Black Rifle Coffee – Ready To Drink Canned Espresso

Black Rifle Coffee Canned

Coffee continues to be one of the most popular beverages, but in 2021 most people like to drink their coffee in different ways including hot, sweet and not sweet. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company knows this, that’s why the Veteran-owned coffee company recently released their latest canned espresso which contains an ideal amount of sweetness and coffee. 

Their espresso with cream coffee will be sure to appeal to coffee fans who enjoy their coffee while only wanting it with a little bit of sweetness. 

This craft-made coffee beverage also comes ‘super chilled’ so that it’s guaranteed to have the best taste, and with 200 milligrams of coffee in each can, Black Rifle’s espresso with cream is sure to be a hit with coffee fans everywhere. 

Ready To Drink Coffee 

In today’s world, consumers who enjoy coffee don’t always have the time to wait until a fresh pot of coffee or cup of coffee is brewed.  

The good news is that with Black Rifle Coffee Company’s espresso with cream coffee, coffee-loving consumers can grab a can of this coffee and enjoy a freshly brewed can of coffee anytime. 

Finding the right balance between coffee and sweetness is an ‘art form’ in today’s world because many brands of canned coffee either come too sweet, or don’t have enough coffee flavor. 

With Black Rifle Coffee Company’s espresso with cream, coffee fans have a very satisfying can of coffee that has the perfect blend of coffee which can be enjoyed anytime. 

Made from 100% Columbian coffee, this coffee beverage is also gluten-free, and with 7 grams of protein per serving, it can also be classified as being ‘a good source of protein’. 

About Black Rifle Coffee Company 

Founded by Evan Hafer, the company is not the only Veteran Owned, they take pride in employing Veterans and proudly support our military, law enforcement, and fire responders.  

Retailing for $2.68 per 24.4 ounces can, this cold coffee drink is available at most locations where coffee is sold. 

To learn more about Black Rifle Coffee Company, visit their website at