Canteen Vending To Install Bake Xpress Micro-Bakeries Nationwide

Bake Express

Le Bread Xpress and Canteen Vending Services announced that the two companies have partnered to install and manage Bake Xpress robotic bakery vending machines throughout North America. Bake Xpress is the world’s only vending solution that offers a selection of pastries, pizza and artisan sandwiches that are freshly baked at time of order. Canteen has been operating Bake Xpress machines at corporate and university sites in the San Francisco Bay Area since late 2019. The success of these installations led to the extended sales agreement to deploy Bake Xpress machines into additional markets nationwide, including healthcare, hospitality, entertainment and transportation.

“Bake Xpress gives us the ability to offer freshly-baked food around the clock to complement our staffed cafeteria services, and in locations where we previously did not provide hot meals,” said Michael Coffey, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Canteen NA. “The ability to provide unstaffed food service has proven especially valuable during unpredictable COVID-19 quarantines and closures. We expect that Bake Xpress will continue to be a popular addition to our customers’ breakrooms, lobbies and micro-markets.”

Bake Xpress micro-bakeries are unique robotic vending solutions that offer a variety of menu choices in each machine, ranging from croissants to pizza. Each food item is prepared and partially baked at a traditional bakery before being stored in the Bake Xpress refrigeration unit and then freshly baked in the machine’s smart oven at time of order.

Owner/operators can specify the menu based on their customers’ preferences, choosing from 25 artisan foods created in partnerships with suppliers nationwide. Bake Xpress is the world’s only vending solution capable of providing customers with a full menu of hot pastry and meal options.

“We are thrilled to be moving into the next phase of our business plan with Canteen based on the success of the pilot Bake Xpress installations in universities, corporate breakrooms and manufacturing sites over the last 18 months,” said Benoit Herve, founder and CEO of Le Bread Xpress. “These Bake Xpress installations allowed us to realize our vision of providing fresh meals 24/7 and to thoroughly validate our supply chain and baking procedures. We are excited to move into widespread deployment and expect to more than triple our number of machines in operation this year.”

About Le Bread Xpress

Le Bread Xpress combined robotic, AI, sensor, wireless, and heating technologies with artisan recipes to create Bake Xpress, a ground-breaking vending machine that custom bakes a variety of meals and pastries on demand. With a customizable menu ranging from croissants and muffins to pizza, calzones and gourmet sandwiches, Bake Xpress is a significant upgrade to traditional vending options. Le Bread Xpress was founded in 2015 and has installed Bake Xpress micro-bakeries in universities, hotels, retail centers, factories and office parks worldwide.

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