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Robo Crib Industrial Vending Machines

Are you searching for the right industrial vending solution for your company? If so, AutoCrib® has the right solutions that your business needs.  

They offer industrial vending machines that can assist you with increasing your company productivity while improving inventory management and so much more. 

In 2021, more companies than ever before are using industrial vending solutions like AutoCrib to improve efficiency while allocating manpower to where it’s needed the most. 

Fully Customizable Industrial Vending 

It doesn’t matter if you need to have tighter control over your tools, gauges, fasteners, or PPE items, with an AutoCrib machine you can dispense all of the items that your employees need at a moment’s notice. 

Each AutoCrib offers companies the flexibility of vending without limits because all an employee needs to access the tools or products that they need is a company ID card or RFID chip that they can swipe. 

With AutoCrib, the machine does all of the record-keeping automatically, just like a traditional tool attendant, but the only difference is that everything is automated so you can use your employees elsewhere. 

RoboCrib LX2000 

One of AutoCrib’s premier industrial vending solutions is their RoboCrib LX2000, this automated dispensing machine can hold over 2500 SKU’s and a fully automated locker system that can hold products of varying sizes and configurations. 

From oversized items, laptops, and bandsaw blades to other items, RoboCrib is the right solution for every business that needs a convenient solution for dispensing products and other items to their employees. 

RoboCrib LX2000 also offers built-in power outlets and LAN connections are available too but what’s even more ideal is that it can hold up to 2574 items and it takes up just 27 square feet of space! 

To learn more about RoboCrib LX2000, or the other solutions that AutoCrib can offer your business, visit their website at

By Jeremy Raglin, Editor-Content Writer