Update Contactless Payment Systems With Microtronic US

Microtronic US Cashless Solutions is the leading provider of Contactless vending payment systems enabling those with outdated or “end-of-life” systems to seamlessly migrate to our state of the art payment system. 

Using RFID MIFARE microchip technology with our MDB reader allows offline or online transaction systems within an existing vending bank with complete security.  We have been highly successful for both Visitor and Offender vending, as well as Staff. 

MICROTRONIC US has specializes in payment systems since 2007, for a range of industries, including vending machines, micro markets, and more. Focusing on visitation rooms with stations where people can load cards and use cashless systems to pay for purchases. Their unique systems provide the ultimate in both convenience and security.

There are no moving parts in their cashless payment systems, so they usually last longer, and the built-in RFID chip transfers information quickly and securely. This makes the payment system on existing vending machines and other self-service solutions simple and nearly friction-free. 

No need to replace any equipment and the system is purchased by the vending operator or the state in most cases.

For more information contact 1-800-879-3586, or www.MicrotronicUS.com