Cashless, Contactless, And Touchless Vending Machines By Silkron

Slikron Contactless Vending Solutions

Vending machines are still an essential business in 2021 but, they also have to be cashless, contactless, and touchless. 

Thanks to Silkron, vending machines meet the necessary criteria that most consumers are looking for in 2021.  With the pandemic still active across the United States, the average consumer wants to do everything possible to protect themselves and this means that they also want vending machines to require no contact at all. 

About Silkron’s Contactless Vending Machine 

Unlike most vending machines on the market today that require some physical interaction, Silkron’s new cashless, contactless and touchless vending machines don’t require any physical interaction with the consumer at all. 

All someone has to do is first download the Silkron mobile app to their phone, then while they are at the vending machine, they can order the beverages or foods that they want, the machine will dispense the items, and the consumer can just grab & go. 

Besides the mobile app, consumers can also scan the QR code on the vending machine and pay for their item as well.  

The Next Phase Of Vending  

Since opening for business in 2004, Silkron has been at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art vending machines that meet the demands of vending consumers in the changing marketplace. 

Besides offering consumers a contactless, cashless and touch-free vending experience, these vending machines also help to reduce robbery and damage because they don’t hold cash. 

Silkrons vending machines are also ideal for business owners because once the need for payment devices is eliminated, business owners can add more products while offering consumers everything from their daily necessities to those items that some consumers can’t live without. 

By going cashless, businesses will also reduce their maintenance costs as well because they won’t have to call their payment processer to maintain the payment gateway, or cash mechanism, when those parts of the vending machine malfunction.  

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